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What Size Can I Expect After 800cc?

I'm 5'7", 150#, Deflated 36c Due to Ptosis. What Will my Bra Size Be After 800cc Hp Silicone? Am curious what my new measurements might be for clothes... READ MORE

Exactly How Large Will a 325 Cc Silicone Implant Make Me from a B Cup? (photo)

I am very athletic and will continue to keep getting more athletic. I'm a 34 C,but my sergeon sayd I'm more like a small B cup.What will a 325... READ MORE

How Long Do Large Breast Implants Take to Drop?

Hi I had breast augmentation on nov. 4th it's been 10 days and I'm wondering how long on average do implants take to drop? I received mentor... READ MORE

Will My Breasts Look Like These After Photos After 375cc Silicone Implants? (photo)

Surgery in two weeks.Starting to get nervous.Even though I went over everything at the consult,I can't help but be worried about how it is going... READ MORE

Slight Panic.. Will 260cc HP Silicone Implants Ever Look Natural?

I am currently about a month post BA with 260CC HP Silicone implants. (surgeon recommended) I am 5'8" 125 lbs, slightly athletic build,... READ MORE

What Can I Expect My Cup Size To Be? Small B Cup Getting 350cc Saline Moderate+Profile.

K I am 5'4 100 pounds 23 years old. I am currently a small b or a full a 32. My BWD is 11.9 I am going to have 350cc saline moderate plus implants... READ MORE

Is 457 Cc Too Big for a Small A Cup? I Want to Be a Full C Cup

I am 5 ft4, 115lbs. I am 38 years old and jave 4 children. My breast are very deflated i wear a 32 a. I have my ba scheduled and i am getting 457 cc... READ MORE

Is Local Anesthesia Safe? What Can I Expect During Surgery?

First off I want to thank all the advice I got on my last question! A lot of you advised me not to go 800cc HP saline.. After talking to my PS he also... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From 350/375cc HP Silicone Implants? (photo)

I am 105lbs, 5'2", have a 28in rib cage and a BWD of 11. I am looking at Mentor HP Silicone Implants 350/375cc's. Do you think that the... READ MORE

When Will Silicone Implants Start to Feel Soft? It's Been 1 Month.

Breast augmentation was 4.5 weeks ago. They still are very high, tight, hard, and I have frequent twinges of pain on my right. How long before they... READ MORE

What Will a 375cc Cohesive Gel Implant Bring my Cup Size To?

I am getting 375 Cohesive gel implants in the dual plane position. I am a 34A cup with grade 1-2. I am wishing for a D cup. Will that be enough to... READ MORE

Will 220 CCs in the Fifth Generation Cohesive Implants Being Tested Produce an Adequate Result in an AA? (photo)

I'm currently scheduled to participate in the Allergan 410 clinical trial, receiving 5th generation Cohesive Gel implants next month. I'm 25,... READ MORE

Will I Have Squishy Breast? My Friend Said No Implants Feel This Way? (photo)

Ok so I have kind of squishy breast(big A/ tiny B) 300ccs or lower( think it said 275 or 285 moderate plus on the paper) I would like to be a... READ MORE

What Size Breasts Will I Have After Surgery Im Currently a 34B and Am Getting 270cc Teardrop Silocone Implants Under the Muscle?

What Size Breasts Will I Have After Surgery Im Currently a 34B and Am Getting 270cc Teardrop Silocone Implants Under the Muscle. I am currently a... READ MORE

Will My Breast Implants Look Bigger Once They Are Settled?

I had my removal and replacement surgery due to capsular contraction 2 days ago. I started with 325 mod+ silicone overs now I have 350 mod+ silicone... READ MORE

What is the Largest Implant I Can Get for Breast Width?

Hello, I'm 5'1'' and 105-110lbs. I'm currently a 32A/B with a ribcage of 26.5". I am aiming to get multiple surgeries to get... READ MORE

How Big Will a 350cc Filled to 375cc Look Under the Muscle? (photo)

I am 5'11'' and 150 lbs. I am a 36A and hoping to go to a C cup. I do NOT want the big, fake boob look but I want to balance out my 40'' hips with a... READ MORE

What size should I expect with 310cc implants?

Hi I'm due to have surgery in a few weeks I am currently 32/34 A and having 310 cc Implants my stats are 5.5 ft and 65kgs (just under 10 stone I... READ MORE

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