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Currently I have 1300cc overfilled saline breast implants, what would be the best way to get into the 3000 or 4000cc range?

Oversized breast implants expanders or multi surgeries.  Expanders, multiple surgeries? What would be the kind of implants to use?... READ MORE

Going 6000cc. I have been told this will require expanders. Can it be done with 800cc saline implants overfilled? (photo)

I have large natural breasts with a 22.5cm BWD and 6' in height. I have been to consultations with two different great surgeons, and they both say it... READ MORE

How Much to Fill a Expander at Each Visit?

I currently am seeing my PS to have my expander filled to reach my desired size. It feels like it is going to take forever. He only will put in... READ MORE

Can Some of the Fluid Be Removed from Tissue Expanders?

I recently had tissue expanders put in on both breasts due to breast cancer diagnosis. I feel that they have been filled beyond the size that I would... READ MORE

Expanders After Mastectomy

I asked a question earlier this week about Radiation and Implants but what I failed to mention is after my Mastectomy expanders were immediately put... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Leave in Fill Ports for 4 Years or More?

My daughter is 17 1/2 and her right breast is quite a bit smaller than her left and is going to have an adjustable breast implant augumentation in the... READ MORE

Difference Between CUI Breast Implants & Tissue Expanders?

Hi Ive just had CUI Breast implants & tissue expanders & trying to understand more how they work, I understand wor breast implants are but... READ MORE

I Have a Breast Expanded and Always Have Fluid Drainage, Im on Bactrim, Why All the Fluid?

I had breast cancer stage one, both breast was removed and i have expanders right now, i have one that healed fine n the other had a bractial... READ MORE

I just had a expander to silicone implants exchange surgery 5 days ago now have a bump, what can I do? (photo)

There is a small bump that feels like implant folded on the right. I tried to massage I can't get rid of it. Also the left nipple has two buds looks... READ MORE

Should I go to the ER or wait until Monday to get appointment with plastic surgeon for possible leak of breast implant? (Photo)

Had recent breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy and expanders, the end of April. I feel that my left implant may have a leak due to a fall... READ MORE

How would you go about fixing my breasts? (Photos)

I've been told that I've mild TBD by 2 out of 3 surgeons. All of them have had different suggestions about how to fix me. First said, D implants.... READ MORE

Which type of implant do you recommend? What size can I expect?

I am a 61 yr old thin woman - 100 lbs 5 ft 1 in - who has undergone bilateral mastectomy for her2+ er- pr- breast cancer. I have a very sedentary... READ MORE

Implant rejection and expanders? (Photos)

I have gone through h*ll to many surgerys to count. One lost nipple one popped implant and replacement then complete loss of the implant so im left... READ MORE

Can I have an expander implant in my natural breast?

Can i have a breast expander implant inserted where there is already natural breast tissue? I am having my other breast done to match the size of my... READ MORE

Mastectomy: I had my switch from 475cc expanders to high profile 475cc implants. Once they drop and fluff will they expand?

Once they drop and fluff will they expand at all? I am 5'3 & 145 pounds. I loved the way my expanders looked but now I think implants look smaller. READ MORE

Gap between breast expanders?

My expanders are at about 300 cc per side. They seem to be very far apart and my chest bone in the center seems to make a large looking gap. one... READ MORE

Biggest silicone teardrop implants available? Also, do teardrop expanders exist?

Biggest silicone teardrop implants available? Also, do teardrop expanders exist? READ MORE

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