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Best Breast Implant For Weight Loss, Excess Breast Tissue?

I lost a lot of breast tissue after weight loss. What type of implant is best? I have recently lost a little weight and am now 114 lbs. I am healthy... READ MORE

Can I Get Impants Without Breast Lift?

I have small breast with a little sag/extra skin and dont want to have a breast lift. After 2 children and breastfeeding I have a little extra skin... READ MORE

Will a lift help my breasts look more 'normal?' (Photo)

Had 32 D implants for 10 yrs and 10 mo. ago I had them removed bc I no longer wanted them. I now am size 32 A which is about my size before implants.... READ MORE

Pole fitness competitor wanting implants after breastfeeding, which option is best? (photo)

I was a D before pregnancy and a DDD while breast feeding. I am now a C, but have a lot of excess skin. They aren't saggy, just a lot of rippling and... READ MORE

Can I get away with just getting implants with out a lift? (Photos)

My current bra size is 34C, bust measures 32 frame measures 30. I want to fill in the extra skin and not be bothered with implants only if it will... READ MORE

Will 450cc moderate plus work well for my breasts? (Photo)

My BA is in 3 weeks and we decided on 450cc moderate plus to fill out the excess skin I have from breastfeeding. Will my breasts still sag as much as... READ MORE

Does left breast appear to be bottoming out? (Photo)

I've had surgery a year and 1 month ago. I just started seeing my scar a bit more since it appears to be darker. When I stepped further away from the... READ MORE

Excess skin, breast tissue on sides (Photo)

I am a healthy 53 year old woman with saline implants which are 10 years old now. In the last 2 years I have noticed excess tissue on the sides and am... READ MORE

Is implant easily flipping a common issue with breast implants placed over the muscle? (Photos)

I had my implant flip on me.I flipped it back easily but I worry this will happen again. I still have excess skin after my lift is this the reason for... READ MORE

Undergoing breast augmentation on the 10th of April. I have chosen 525cc and been reconmended. I am a C cup (Photo)

Im scared pf going bugger then my friend and im teying to understand cause she started with dds she went like 450cc and hers are massive and i do t... READ MORE

Will 335cc implants increase my current 32C size?

I am around 5'4" petite, around 7/8 stone and am currently a 32C but my boobs are not full at all, they are slightly saggy, empty and a lot of upper... READ MORE

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