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Signs That Breast Implants Are Encapsulated?

I've had saline implants for a year now. I kept telling my doctor that it felt as if the left one had never even "set in" and that both... READ MORE

Anything I Can Do to Prevent Encapsulation After Breast Implants?

I had breast augmentation Feb. 2010, under muscle/sillicone. with a lift to left breast. went to see surgeon for 3 month check up, she thinks I may... READ MORE

20 Year Old Implants - Just Now Getting an Infection?

I had silicone implants 20 years ago. One of them has always been encapsulated. Last week that same breast developed a sore that's been diagnosed... READ MORE

Encapsulated Silicone Implant - Am I a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer to Breasts?

I was wondering if I would be a good candidate for fat transfer augmentation. I have an encapsulated implant that is more than 20 years old! Sometimes... READ MORE

Breast Plant Encapsulated for Years Now Bleeding at Nipple?

I have a history of breast encapsulations and after 3 tries, have learned to live many years with my left breast hard, disconfigured and painful. My... READ MORE

Is motiva brand implants the best to prevent capsular contracture from re-occurring?

I have encapsulated breast and want to change the implant. There is a medication called singulair which apparently you take before and after to... READ MORE

What Type of Treatment for Saline Implants That Are Encapsulated? I Also Have A Few Health Issues.

I went for a mamogram and was told that my implants are encapsulated. They are not painful but both feel hard and have felt that way for some time. I... READ MORE

Breast Implants Cause Shoulder Scar Tissue Problem?

I had implants in 1981, still have them. I know they have encapsulated. Recently, I had rotator cuff surgery and then a capsulated shoulder. I can... READ MORE

On Disability Income and Need Revision or Removal? (photo)

I saw a doctor yesterday for $75 he said I have encapsulation and won't die without surgery but i need it. I cant afford it, therefor I am seeing my... READ MORE

Breast Implant Encapsulation 12 Years Post Op?

I had saline implants in 2000 and was instructed to exercise the implants and take 1000 units of vitamin E every day from then on out. The implants on... READ MORE

Will the Capsule Remain if Breast Implants Leak?

If my breast implants leak and are encapsulated, will the capsule remain? READ MORE

What needs to be done to correct this? (Photo)

Had breast implant overs for 20 years. I was encapsulated and took them out for 2 years, but I am completely flat so things didn't look right. Finally... READ MORE

Can encapulated implant lead to a serious condition if left too long?

My implants are approx 20yrs old. Saline. One is encapsulated. It has been for over a year. But recently had significant changes. Painful under my arm... READ MORE

I have breast implant pain from encapsulation. Is this normal?

I got breast implants (Memes) 27 years ago. In recent years I have developed more encapsulation resulting in extreme firmness & causing a... READ MORE

Had my Breast Augmentation surgery 6m ago. I Noticed right breast harder than left. Capsular Contraction & Encapsulation?

I had my breast augmentation surgery about 6 months ago. Just this week I felt my right breast becoming harder than my left. When I went to my Plastic... READ MORE

Encapsulated breast leaking yellow to clear oily substance

Ok so my left Breast is encapsulated and has been since 4-6 months post op. I had them done March of last year. Yesterday for some odd reason I... READ MORE

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