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Is There a Limit on How Big of a Breast Implant Can I Go Before It Compromises Skin Elasticity?

My cup size is currently AA. Is there a limit to how big a breast implant can be placed until skin elasticity becomes compromised? In other words,... READ MORE

What Factors Help a Woman Determine the Right Breast Implant Size?

Does skin elasticity, level of physical fitness, age, weight and other factors need to be considered when choosing a breast implant that my body would... READ MORE

Removing 30 Year Old Implants. Approximate Costs For This?

I had saline breast implants put in, under the muscle, in 1983. Now that I am pushing 60 and my skin has lost elasticity, they feel very hard and I... READ MORE

Does skin lose elasticity with age?

I'm 56 and have had 5 children. Youngest is 29. I'm a 38 B cup. I'm investigating breadth augmentation. Does age have an effect on my skins ability to... READ MORE

Can I do an implant, or do I need a lift + implant? (Photo)

The surgeon I saw says I have grade-1 ptosis. He says it's "borderline," though -- that I could still get "satisfactory" results with an implant alone... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation for already bigger breasts? (photo)

I am looking at getting breast implants to more evenly distribute my breast tissue. As I have lost weight my skin elasticity and stretch marks have... READ MORE

Are subglandular implants a bad idea? Should I get 325 cc high profile placed subglandularly or submuscularly? (photos)

My plastic surgeon is considered the best in my city. However, I am confused by his recommendations. He said that he thinks I could get an equally... READ MORE

Is 500cc's too large for my body? Looking for a natural look but still want a large size? (Photo)

I'm 22, 5'8", 136 lbs, have one child. Didn't breastfeed but pregnancy comprised skin elasticity slightly but the PS said my skin would be fine. He... READ MORE

Skin Elasticity is poor - placement of implant, will this have an impact? (Photo)

After having a few consultations with some Plastic surgeons i have been told a few times that the elasticity in my breast skin is quite poor - will... READ MORE

If I get a XL implant can I avoid a lift? (Photos)

Hi! I have just finished breastfeeding my last baby and have lost 17kgs. I now have sad deflated DDs. I want very large firm breasts with upperpole... READ MORE

How to prevent stretch marks from happening after breast augmentation?

I want to have a breast augmentation within the next 3-4 years.My breasts are a B cup and I have had stretch marks on them since they have first grown... READ MORE

Will 335cc implants increase my current 32C size?

I am around 5'4" petite, around 7/8 stone and am currently a 32C but my boobs are not full at all, they are slightly saggy, empty and a lot of upper... READ MORE

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