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Silicone 410 Implant Edge (Dual Plane) is Visible and Palpable Under the Armpit. Options?

I just discovered that when I'm laying face down, my left breast is looking horribly fake because of a very visible edge of the implant under the... READ MORE

Can my deflated implant puncture my lung?

I have had my saline implants drained due to having severe osteoporosis and back problems. They were originally placed under the muscle. The implant... READ MORE

Feeling the edges of the implants and sometimes ripples in certain positions? (Photo)

I'm now 9 days postop my BA, sub fascia due to athletics. I had air bubbles and squashy sound of fluid for few days. They lessened , however since... READ MORE

Capsular contracture? Displaced implant?

1.5 years out from breast aug. Implants were very soft and natural, until 2 months ago, I woke up with pain and left implant felt different. I noticed... READ MORE

What is going on here? 365cc over the muscle furry Brazilians.

I had an augmentation last year with anatomical "furry Brazilian" implants placed over the muscle. There is a strange dimple at the bottom of the left... READ MORE

Breast implant showing and to side when lying down, doesn't look right? (Photos)

I wanted a second opinion as I sent my surgeon photos and he said it is normal for an implant to move to the side however it's only my left that's... READ MORE

If my implant is bulging at edge (palpable) and edge of implant visible thru my skin- does that mean implant not sized properly?

I am 2 years (not 2 months) post op. On my right breast I had an allergen mod implant size 495 silicone. I can feel a bulge (and its protruding at... READ MORE

I am 10 weeks post op. Breast hurt on outer edges of implants.

Work as a waitress lifting heavy dishes all day . Started back to work a week ago . The last 5 days the edges around my implants are sore when I... READ MORE

2 years post silicone implants what might I feel if not an edge of the implant?

It's soft, and gone with any amount of pressure. Feels almost like a corner. I'm 36 years old and had very little breast tissue. I haven't had... READ MORE

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