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Over the Muscle Breast Implant Placement Best for Sagging from Nursing?

I had 2 more consultations for breast augmentation today, and now I'm even more confused. I'm a 36C (deflated C) and do have a small amount of... READ MORE

High Profile 550cc Breast Implants for Athletic Build?

I initially wanted the natural look but now want the fake look. I presently have 350cc silicone mod plus breast implants with a lollipop breast lift... READ MORE

Headline- 421cc Round Midrange Silicone Implants turn out saggy.

Hi. I am 19yrs, 5'3, 120lbs. Pre-34B. Post-34D. 421cc. I got Round Midrange (Style 15- Natrelle) silicone implants (unders) 9 months ago and they... READ MORE

High Profile Implants for Droopy Breasts?

I am 115 lbs and 31" chest. I am a somewhat droopy B cup. Nipples do not point downward. I lost a significant amount of weight and lost breast... READ MORE

Will Breasts Droop After Removing Implants?

I had a breast lift and Saline breast implants 3 years ago, going from 34B to 34DD. I'm unhappy with the size, and wish to take out the implants. I am... READ MORE

For parenchymal maldistribution breasts, can I achieve rounded, perkier breasts with just implants or do I need a lift? (Photo)

My nipples aren't centered, sit too low, point to the ground, creating a "droopy snoopy" triangular appearance. When my nipples are erect, my breasts... READ MORE

Best Placement and Type of Breast Implants for Athletic Patient?

I am 39, 130 lbs, no kids, with slight ptosis of breasts. I pole dance and am very athletic. I am interested in getting Breast implants but... READ MORE

Drooping of Breasts and Implants Plus Stretch Marks 5 Months Post Op. Very Unhappy, What Are My Options?

I had implants 4/11, I am 5 months post op, and noticed a gradual "drooping" between 3 & 5 months post op as well as awful stretch marks... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants After Having a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a horrid experience with my breast reduction. Honestly, I dont think I did as much research as possible. The doctor came referred by an... READ MORE

Breast Surgeries to Correct Capsular Contracture?

I had Breast augmentation done 8 years ago. I think I need capsulectomy, Breast lift and another breast augmentation done. Am I correct? How can I... READ MORE

How to Get Fake Perky Breasts?

I'm 5'6" 150/muscular body type. Got implants (450 mentor smooth round ) and am very unhappy. They are too far apart, droopy and my areolas are way... READ MORE

Natural Breast Implant Results for Breasts Lacking Fullness?

I'm considering surgery. My bra size now is 32D, but my breast lack fullness. Not a lot of droop. I have 2 kids also recently lost 35lbs. With a... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Would Implants Alone Look Okay?

I previously asked a similar question but didnt provide a side view so.. im getting breast implants but my PC tells me it would look better with a... READ MORE

Upper Pole Problem, Implant or Lift ?

I feel that my breast is slightly droopy,so i consulted with doctor, and he said that instead of lift, i should have implant/fat injection for more... READ MORE

I have natural 32D non sagging breasts but want to go bigger. Would placing implants under the muscle make them droop? (photo)

I have naturally large breasts at 32d that do not sag but would mind going larger. Would going under muscle would make natural breasts droop causing a... READ MORE

My breasts are different shapes. One looks very round whilst the other looks to be drooping. Is this normal? (photo)

I'm 6 weeks post op, I had breast augmentation with nipple lift 400cc sub muscular natturelle silicone implants. I've called my surgeon and made an... READ MORE

Did my surgeon do anything wrong? 6 months and both breasts point downward, nipples point in opposite directions. (Photo)

I was a 34A and got the Natrelle 410s under the muscle, 375cc. My right was naturally lower than the left but my surgeon said she had corrected it.... READ MORE

Possile To Have a Defective Gel Implant? One Is Droopy and Hanging 7 Months PO. (photo)

I had cohesive gel implants in July 2011. At 6 weeks, I noticed the right breast was much droopier than the left. I was told this was normal... READ MORE

Drooping and Saggy Breast Without Breast Lift? (photo)

Good morning to surgeons, I'm 29 years old with 2 pregnancies and breastfed. My breasts are drooping and saggy. the length from neck base to nipple is... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Ever Even out After Lift with Implants?

I had a breast lift with implants on May 10th 2010. Left side was bigger to start so I had a 475cc sailine on left and in the right a 500cc saline... READ MORE

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