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Hard Lump Where My Drainage Tubes Were Post-BA- Will It Improve?

I am 3 weeks post op from breast augmentation surgery and have discovered hard lumps where the drainage tubes came out (they were in for 24 hours)... READ MORE

Should a Small Hematoma Just Be Observed or Immediately Drained to Reduce Risk of Cc?

I had my breast augmentation surgery on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday my PS observed my right breast had a small hematoma. He wants me to come back in... READ MORE

1 week post op 450cc under muscle - abnormal swelling? Really hurts! Doc says pool of blood? (Photo)

Hematoma?? Seroma??? Swelling ???? Very painful and I'm very concerned! Doc says he will drain it in 5 days if does not go away... I did have drainage... READ MORE

What is the Correct Timing for a Drain to Be Reinserted.

My drain fell prematurely from the Left arm-pit post a double masectomy expanders saline implants and right lymph nodes removal. Drain leaking approx... READ MORE

Bubbly Skin Will Shrink on Left Lower Breast?

I had 800 cc salines went to 375 cc gels w Mastopexy. Came home with 2 drains ended up with blood clot in left breast my doctor Aspirated the the clot... READ MORE

My left breast is having multiple complications. Can this be fixed or should I have my implants explanted? (photos)

20 years ago I had implants under muscle- saline. 2006 I developed scar tissue in left breast. Had surgery to remove scar tissue - new bags. Last year... READ MORE

Can saline implants just be removed, like silicone?

I have had saline breast implants for 15 years. They are around 350ccs. I resently saw a Dr. Who said I would need to be in the hospital 1-3 days with... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Happened Again

In 2003 I had BA done. within 6 months developed hardening on rt breast. In 2005 the breast got harder so I got capsulectomy. Lt breast dropping alot... READ MORE

Scared please help!! Bacteria infection. What is going on?

I got my implants Dec. 2/15 and it's been a nightmare. Got seromas in both sides at 3 weeks post op. Had drains in. They were removed 2 weeks later... READ MORE

Can I clean the inside bulb of my JP Drain? (Photo)

I have a JP drain in my left breast from an implant that had an infection and had to be replaced. It's been in for 9 days and is expected to be out in... READ MORE

Any downside to having implants drained in the office and then leave them in for 3 months until I decide my next step?

I currently have no problems with the implants. Just want them out. I know I will need the shells removed and a lift but I want to know how much... READ MORE

What causes this & is there an alternative to having the implant removed? (photos)

PS said CC, but when he went to fix it was a seroma. Now it's back & he says I may have to take the implant out for 6mo... What causes this & is... READ MORE

Post op breast augmentation pain and drains (Photo)

I am on the third day post op under the musle 300cc silicone implants! I am 1,60cm and 50 kilos! First post op day i had 215cc flluid(blood) off the... READ MORE

I had my breast implant on Monday. I'm on tramadol, ciprofloxacino, cefalexina and I'm tired all the time. (Photo)

I have my breaSt implant on Monday. I'm on tramadol, ciprofloxacino, cefalexina and I'm tired all the time, wanting to throw up, nausea, dizziness. I... READ MORE

Can you drain a saline implant after it's been in for 25 years? (Photo)

Left implant vanished years ago. Right implant, salene, still in but hurts after exersize & stretching for about a week READ MORE

Is it normal that my drain tube stopped on the 5th day post surgery? (Photo)

It's Saturday so my doctors office is closed I have had my drain tube since Tuesday afternoon after surgery on my left breast I had a capsular... READ MORE

Breast implant done... Drain still thr on 7 th day...60ml... Should I go for drain removal?

Hi im 36 yr old female,5.6",57kgs n had breast implants of 350cc high profile... All is well except bloody drain even on 7 th day upto 60ml... Shud i... READ MORE

2 weeks post hematoma drainage & I feel a hard thick lump near incision where drain was placed. Can this be the corner? (Photo)

Of my implant? Can an implant shift ? I feel the tick lump/ sharp corner half way the incision where it's dropping . READ MORE

Drains for breast implants, and how long do they stay in?

I would like to find out about the Breast Augmentation. Does everyone get the drains, or only if you bleed alot? i hear some people keep the drains in... READ MORE

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