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Hard Lump Where My Drainage Tubes Were Post-BA- Will It Improve?

I am 3 weeks post op from breast augmentation surgery and have discovered hard lumps where the drainage tubes came out (they were in for 24 hours)... READ MORE

1 week post op 450cc under muscle - abnormal swelling? Really hurts! Doc says pool of blood? (Photo)

Hematoma?? Seroma??? Swelling ???? Very painful and I'm very concerned! Doc says he will drain it in 5 days if does not go away... I did have drainage... READ MORE

Should a Small Hematoma Just Be Observed or Immediately Drained to Reduce Risk of Cc?

I had my breast augmentation surgery on a Tuesday, and on Wednesday my PS observed my right breast had a small hematoma. He wants me to come back in... READ MORE

What is the Correct Timing for a Drain to Be Reinserted.

My drain fell prematurely from the Left arm-pit post a double masectomy expanders saline implants and right lymph nodes removal. Drain leaking approx... READ MORE

Bubbly Skin Will Shrink on Left Lower Breast?

I had 800 cc salines went to 375 cc gels w Mastopexy. Came home with 2 drains ended up with blood clot in left breast my doctor Aspirated the the clot... READ MORE

My left breast is having multiple complications. Can this be fixed or should I have my implants explanted? (photos)

20 years ago I had implants under muscle- saline. 2006 I developed scar tissue in left breast. Had surgery to remove scar tissue - new bags. Last year... READ MORE

Can I clean the inside bulb of my JP Drain? (Photo)

I have a JP drain in my left breast from an implant that had an infection and had to be replaced. It's been in for 9 days and is expected to be out in... READ MORE

Can saline implants just be removed, like silicone?

I have had saline breast implants for 15 years. They are around 350ccs. I resently saw a Dr. Who said I would need to be in the hospital 1-3 days with... READ MORE

Scared please help!! Bacteria infection. What is going on?

I got my implants Dec. 2/15 and it's been a nightmare. Got seromas in both sides at 3 weeks post op. Had drains in. They were removed 2 weeks later... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture Happened Again

In 2003 I had BA done. within 6 months developed hardening on rt breast. In 2005 the breast got harder so I got capsulectomy. Lt breast dropping alot... READ MORE

Any downside to having implants drained in the office and then leave them in for 3 months until I decide my next step?

I currently have no problems with the implants. Just want them out. I know I will need the shells removed and a lift but I want to know how much... READ MORE

Post op breast augmentation pain and drains (Photo)

I am on the third day post op under the musle 300cc silicone implants! I am 1,60cm and 50 kilos! First post op day i had 215cc flluid(blood) off the... READ MORE

What causes this & is there an alternative to having the implant removed? (photos)

PS said CC, but when he went to fix it was a seroma. Now it's back & he says I may have to take the implant out for 6mo... What causes this & is... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to put a big anatomical implant over the muscle?

The following are the 2 potential implants that fit my breast width(14.5-15cm) according to 2 doctors. Which one makes more sense to you? A : Mentor... READ MORE

I had my breast implant on Monday. I'm on tramadol, ciprofloxacino, cefalexina and I'm tired all the time. (Photo)

I have my breaSt implant on Monday. I'm on tramadol, ciprofloxacino, cefalexina and I'm tired all the time, wanting to throw up, nausea, dizziness. I... READ MORE

Is it normal that my drain tube stopped on the 5th day post surgery? (Photo)

It's Saturday so my doctors office is closed I have had my drain tube since Tuesday afternoon after surgery on my left breast I had a capsular... READ MORE

5'8" 136lbs. 550cc submuscular silicone - hematoma problem, is this how they'll stay? I'm 7 weeks post. (photos)

I am 7 weeks post op. Had a hematoma 1 day after my surgery on my R breast which was drained out+I wore a drain for a week after. will my R breast... READ MORE

Can you drain a saline implant after it's been in for 25 years? (Photo)

Left implant vanished years ago. Right implant, salene, still in but hurts after exersize & stretching for about a week READ MORE

Breast implant done... Drain still thr on 7 th day...60ml... Should I go for drain removal?

Hi im 36 yr old female,5.6",57kgs n had breast implants of 350cc high profile... All is well except bloody drain even on 7 th day upto 60ml... Shud i... READ MORE

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