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I Was a 32A and I Wanted to Be a C Cup and Got a 34D to DD. I Would Like to Downsize Without a Lift?

I got breast implants about a year and three months ago and they are still sore and I think they are to big. I went from being a 32 A to a D and in... READ MORE

Should I Downsize my Implants or Just Relift Them?

On my second set, first were overs and sagged bad, now have unders (500cc sils) with full lift. Looked awesome for the first 1-2 yrs, now starting to... READ MORE

Downsizing Breast Implants?

I had breast implants placed in July of this year. They are 371 cc silicone under the muscle. I am 5'7" and a skinny upper body athletic 130 lbs. I... READ MORE

How Invasive is It to Down Size Existing Breast Implants?

I had breast augmentation on 3/12. I got a large size of 825 cc!!! I'm a 5'10' woman weight 175lbs. I feel that they are too large and they make look... READ MORE

Is it possible to exchange Breast Implant for a smaller size?

My breast with is 12,7 centimeters - my current implants are 13 cm, 350 cc, projection 4,2. I am 177 cm tall, 63 kilos Unfortunately, I feel they are... READ MORE

Downsizing and Replacing 20 Year Old Breast Implants?

My Breast Implants are approximately 20yrs old and I would like to replace them with smaller ones. Would I need a Breast Lift in the process? If so,... READ MORE

Questions about downsizing, profiles, and lifts (picture included)

I am 5'2, 108 pounds, and have a 27" ribcage. I had my first breast surgery about 2 and a half months ago. I am looking to downsize but am... READ MORE

Will Downsizing from 300cc to 240cc Be a Noticeable Difference or Should I Get 210cc?

I got 300cc implants behind the muscle 6 months ago. I wanted a B and I am now a C. Would going down 60cc make a noticeable difference (240cc), or... READ MORE

Breast implants too high. Do I need to downsize or do I need pocket revision? 9 years post! More details on my profile (Photo)

I have Silimed Teardrop Round 215cc, submusc (11.3cm D x 3.7cm P). 5ft, 105lbs. Breasts have barely changed since surgery. I am now 50, wanted very... READ MORE

Downsizing for Large Implants and Saggy Breasts?

I had 330 cc's saline, McGhan, textured, anatomical implants for 12 years. This made me a small 32 C. I had them replaced 2 years ago. My breast size... READ MORE

I Currently Have 550cc Breasts I Am 21 Years Old What Are the Chances of Having to Have a Lift After Downsizing 150cc?

I do not have saggy skin and it takes alot for my body to receive stretch marks. My Dr has suggested that I may need to get a lift depending on the... READ MORE

Downsizing Frm 650HP Silicone to 550HP Saline After 1.5 Years, Will My Skin Sag? (photo)

Should I downsize frm 650HP silicone to 550HP saline due to unhappy result! Wear very good support bra all the time! Will my skin sag and have... READ MORE

Can I Avoid a Lift when Downsizing from 450ccs to 350ccs?

I've had 450ccs high profile saline implants for 3 years but always thought they were too big. I am 5'7, 128lbs. I had 2 children prior to my... READ MORE

Deformity on Right Breast After Reducing Size, What Causes It? Can It Be Fixed?

Had BA. R side was reduced from 360 to 300. L side stayed the same (300). Now there is a deformity on the right breast.1. A large dent under my nipple... READ MORE

Too large implants... How many ccs do you have to decrease to do a redo operation? (Small implant to start with).

I had my breast augmentation 3 months ago, and I feel that they are too large for my small frame. I am only 4'10 tall and about 86 lbs and I chose... READ MORE

Advise on downsizing breast implants after bottoming out? (photo)

2 months after BA with round smooth gel implants under muscle (200 cc, UHP, 9cm base, 4.1cm projection) & need revision for bottoming out.... READ MORE

Submuscular implants rippling and think I have CC. What are my best options? (Photo)

I have 525/560cc xhp TRX silicone implants placed subglandular and as you can see I have rippling and my right breast has dropped alot. My left breast... READ MORE

Should I go over or under the muscle? Do I need to deflate my current implants? (photo)

I have 550cc implants over the muscle I wear a size F bra, I am 5'9 and weigh 150. I would like to be a "fake" C/D.I have been to two PS so far and... READ MORE

Having 600cc is to big for my 5'4 frame will 500 cc i'd like a no larger than d?

I am 600cc high profile per my dr. horribly huge. i am a ddd or e i want to be big c or d. i started flat chested and my biggest question is does... READ MORE

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