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Extensive Implant Distortion, Can It Be Fixed? (Photos)

7 months post op. dual plane (muscle splitting technique) bilateral breast augm. with 300cc cohesive silicone, periareolar insicion. Experiencing... READ MORE

What is Going on Here? My Breast Look Fake and Distorted. (photo)

I am very sad to say how unhappy I am w/the outcome of my implants. This is what they look like holding my hands above my head, they fall awkward and... READ MORE

Left breast larger than right after BA. Normal? (Photo)

Left breast (225cc) is appearing much larger than right (235cc) 2 weeks post breast augmentation (sub-muscular, saline. Difference in cc's is due to... READ MORE

Why is my implant distorted when I use my muscles? (photos)

1 year ago replaced saline with 421cc silicone. Right implant looks like it's sliding tward armpit when standing at rest, both look cut in half when I... READ MORE

Is lateral displacement common with submuscular placement? What about flex distortion? Should I avoid chest workouts? (Photo)

I have been to one consult so far. The ps said I have little tissue and recommended silicone gel placed sub muscular. I forgot to ask if after 6 weeks... READ MORE

Can a saline breast implant be ruptured or somehow distorted from having a mammogram?

I have saline breast implants. After I got my mammogram this past December (2013) I have been having some on & off pain in my left breast. I remember... READ MORE

What's wrong with my left implant? (photos)

It seems to be distorted and when I move I get like a straight line/ dip on the lower inside along with a bulge under the incision scar. 420 silicone... READ MORE

What is wrong with my right breast? (Photo)

Jan20 I had 300Cc saline unders put in. final fill is 400cc. right breast doesn't feel attached to me at all. feels as though my implant is sitting... READ MORE

One month post op and my right implant looks distorted? Should I be concerned? (Photos)

One month post op and my right breast looks horrible. My left looks perfect(wonder if it's cause I'm left handed)I know these things take time but it... READ MORE

Timing of implant settling and distortion questions.

1. Is it possible for implants to have settled in to their final position in one month's time? 2. What is the cause of the "ridge" on the bottom side... READ MORE

Is flex distortion normal? Does it need correcting? Will it worsen if untreated? (Photo)

Saline 350cc MP subm placement. I have flex distortion when using my pec muscles and a dark indented horizontal line pulling on the Left breast. Is... READ MORE

Average amount of movement distortion with unders?

I've almost decided to get implants, and would like to get silicone under the muscle. I am still unclear about what to expect in terms of movement... READ MORE

Change from under the muscle to over the muscle?

I currently have 250cc anatomicals dual plane, and I really regret this decision. I have a 2cm upper pole skin pinch, but still opted for unders... READ MORE

Why left boob sits lower, looks different in shape, my nipple is higher and has bad muscle distortion? (Photos)

Hi there!!! I had BA 6months ago, 450cc under gummy bears, I think my right boob looks awesome but my left boob is just not good, does not reach my... READ MORE

Why is my breast lumpy underneath? (Photos)

My left breast is oddly shaped under the nipple. It looks even more distorted in certain positions/flexing/after wearing push up. why is this? My... READ MORE

Implants feel firm only under certain circumstances?

I had 350cc silicone implants 4 years ago. If I'm sitting/standing normally or leaning forward they feel soft and natural. I've noticed in the past... READ MORE

Seeking advice on animation distortion (Photo)

Have had implants for year and a half. Kept telling surgeon right breast was painful but he ignored me. His response was, "WELL, ITS CUT INTO YOUR PEC... READ MORE

I had a surgery two years ago and I think that something is wrong with my left breast (Photo)

Hello i am not sure but i think something is wrong with my breast. I am 2 years post op but my left breast looks different...and it looks like that... READ MORE

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