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One of my Dissolvable Stitches from Breast Augmentation is Poking Out?

One of the stitches is sticking out and is rubbing against my bra and causing extreme discomfort. it is not infected but i can see two of them... READ MORE

Strap to Help Breast Drop is Painful

Could something be wrong with so much pain wearing the "band/strap" in trying to get right breast to fall. I had a BA&BL done 18 days ago. My... READ MORE

Breast Implant Hurting on Right Side Only What to Do?

I got my implants done by a great doctor down south although I live north. I only saw him once the day after surgery. I am at my two week post op... READ MORE

Have my Implants Dropped Yet? (photo)

I had a lift + 240cc low profile silicone implant 3.5 months ago. if you look at my picture diary you can see the whole process. i still feel a bit of... READ MORE

How Long Will my Breast Implants Be Uncomfortable?

I'm on day 12 counting my surgery day and I'm still having very uncomfortable pain!!! I can only lay on my side for about ten minutes, I can't drive... READ MORE

Is This More Than Rippling? Cohesive Gel Breast Implants...

6 years ago in Medellin CO. In the last 2-3 years I've noticed rippling. Today I have felt something that I dont know I could categorize as rippling.... READ MORE

Implant Malposition How Long to Wait for Revision? (photo)

Im 3 Months post op and my left implant is higher than my right implant. It always has been higher (since day 2). My surgeon told me its not CC as... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implant Three Months Ago. Discomfort and Itchy Sensation?

I had a breast lift and implant three months ago , I have been feeling some discomfort and itchy sensation also a little rednes, it's like a little... READ MORE

Breast Implant Under the Muscle is Hurting and I Feel a Pop?

I have had gel implants under the muscle for almost 2 years. 4 months ago I felt a pop when bending over and now I feel a lot of discomfort and can... READ MORE

Mammograms and Implants?

I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago with a new tech. During the procedure I did not like what she was doing-it just felt odd and not what I have been used... READ MORE

Pain and Tightening of my Breasts?

I had silikone implants 10 years ago. Never had Amy problems or discomfort. Last week I stated feeling a painful tightening in my right Brest. Two... READ MORE

Pain with 7 Year Old Saline Breast Implants. Causes?

I had Saline breast implants 7 years ago. They are under my muscle and have been very happy with the results. One week ago, I began noticing a sharp... READ MORE

My Implants Do Not Feel Like They Are Part of my Body, 16 Months Post Op, is This Normal?

I regularly(daily) have some form of pain/discomfort. They aren't unbearable pains, just light & irritating, & range from sharp to dull.... READ MORE

3 weeks po, L breast tight and high. Why? (Photo)

I went from a 34A to a 34D, with 460cc in each breast under muscle. My right started to descend a few days ago, and around the same time my left... READ MORE

Knuckling in Implant - What Should I Do?

Hi, I had a BA six weeks ago. A to D cup with Allegan cohesive gel implants under the muscle as I had very little breast tissue. healing well, though... READ MORE

Pain After Breast Implant Surgery?

I either read horror stories with some people's experience post operation or I read stories about woman who experience a bit discomfort , able to eat... READ MORE

Does my left breast look like it could be capsular contracture and has the right implant bottomed out? (Photo)

I had a full anchor lift with 325 ccs silicone implants placed under the muscle about 6 months ago. I feel discomfort when I lay on my left side and... READ MORE

Could this be capsular contracture?

I am 13 weeks post op, saline implants. Right breast is slightly tender, with a bit of possible bruising under, just above my incision line. I feel... READ MORE

Do these sound like symptoms of capsular contracture?

I am four and a half months post op. Immediately after my surgery my right has had discomfort, left healed without much pain. Right has been more numb... READ MORE

Why Are my Saline Implants So Incredibly Uncomfortable, and Painful? Its Been Almost 20 Years Ago.

Over the last 6 months my breast implants (under ther muscle) have become increasingly uncomfortable and painful. They feel like they weigh 20lbs... READ MORE

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