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Silicone Implants 8 Years Ago. Breast Has Become Lumpy and Painful - Is It Dangerous?

I had the cohesive sillicone gel implants in 2002. Over the past few months the left one has changed shape and become lumpy in various places and is... READ MORE

How dangerous are gummy bear implants for the health?

I am considering breast implants and scared of the possible health risks connected to gummy bear implants. Also, I am concerned about the expenses... READ MORE

Heterotopic Calcification of Saline Implants

Doctor recently performed capsulectomy of 15 yr old saline implants, and replaced with silicone implants under the muscle in a new pocket. He said one... READ MORE

Is my life in danger? (Photo)

I'm experiencing redness, swelling, fever type on breast with pain on & off for many yes from implanted breast. I went to a few surgeons that just did... READ MORE

Will my Implants Be Damaged Due to Being a Firefighter? (I Have Silicone Implants)

Going into a fire with turnouts & gear is hot/heavy...not to mention the obvious fire burning in the structure,my question is...will my implants... READ MORE

A dermatologist determined that silicone is now leaking from my ruptured 40+-year-old implant through my skin. Is this likely?

The rupture of both implants was confirmed by MRI. Beneath my L breast what appears to be a keloid scar has formed. It feels sticky to the touch and... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to play paint ball with silicone implants under the muscle?

I had breast implants done 18 months ago. The implants are silicone and are under the pectoral muscle. I have been given a paint balling ticket as a... READ MORE

Has my Breast Implants Gone Wrong?

I had breast implants 3 years ago. One breast is now hard and has the fake look, the other is soft and looks a lot more natural. I am not in any pain... READ MORE

Is my Loss of Sensation Dangerous?

I am 22years old and I had breast implants 1 year ago going from 32AA to 32B/C. Although they turned out perfectly I lost sensation in my right nipple... READ MORE

How Common is it For People to Get Their Breasts Removed For Toxicity in Silicone?

People are going in to have implants removed due to toxicity. How common is this? Thanks. READ MORE

Sex 4 days post breast augmentation. Am I in danger or at risk of hematoma?

I had a subglandular breast augmentation on Tuesday 2/9. There was also some scar tissue release done. This morning I had sex with my boyfriend. It... READ MORE

My BA is on Nov 7th! 3 days to go! Sneaking 2-3 cigarettes a day - would I be in danger?

I admit that i'm a smoker and ill have my surgery 3 days from now, 1-3 sticks. Its so hard for me not to smoke, because at the same time im getting... READ MORE

Its dangerous to fix my breast with implants? (photos)

I have being searching long time ago about tuberous breast. I know that the only way to fix it is by breast augmentation procedure. I have no kids now... READ MORE

Is their a danger in having a breast with capsular contracture for many years ?

Some of us never heard of these breast problems until we got on this sight . What are the harmful effects if having CC for many years without... READ MORE

What are the true differences between saline and silicone breast implants?

Most articles and websites I've visited in search of this answer have said saline implants are safer because silicone can cause an infection if the... READ MORE

Is it safe to drive after breast implant surgery?

I started driving ten days after my op I was a small A going to a 400cc implant I drive a small trip yesterday and it didn't hurt was just hard to get... READ MORE

8 days post-op breast augmentation and I'm smoking. How dangerous? (Photo)

33 yr old, 8 days post op breast augmentation, petite frame, 350 cc. I am a smoker and have seriously been trying to quit since before my surgery but... READ MORE

What are the dangers of leaving the implants in after 30 years?

I had silicone breast implants 30 years ago. I get the latest mammogram every year and they are always good. I have no problems (leaking, etc) with... READ MORE

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