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I May Have Punctured my Cohesive Gel Implant with the Tip of a Knife: How Can Tell?

I was sharpening a knife while it was held by a mechanics vise.when i released the vise the knife was accidentally stabbed into the top part of my... READ MORE

Small cut in side of nipple is burning. Do my boobs look messed up? Left one hanging lower. Breast lift only to right. (Photo)

Hi i am having burning to a small cut on my right breast. What should I do? Also will my breast even out more once healed? READ MORE

Nerve to Nipple Cut if in the Way of Implant Placement..Is This Common?

My PS told me that the nerve to my nipple would be cut if it were in the way of where the implant was supposed to go. Is this common? READ MORE

Is it normal for the doctor to cut a inch under the breast fold to make the room for the implant? (photos)

The implants are to large. Sit to far on my rib cage are painful still after a year. Is this normal? I wanted smaller the doctor told me that I needed... READ MORE

Breast pocket "cut too deep"? What is wrong with my breasts? (Photo)

Breast augmentation in '07 at 19 yo (saline, under armpit.) Few months post-op noticed left breast was significantly "longer" than right. Went back... READ MORE

After 2 weeks of breast implants I got really bad bruise and open cut with black blood - very worried. (photo)

Who in the Houston area can see me please?? Since my surgery was in Mexico I had my app days later and everthing was closed and clean. Now I delvolped... READ MORE

Will I be ok to cut my own stitch?

I had my implant thru the nipple and saw the stitches coming out like the knot part. It was bothering me so I cut them. I feel much better now I also... READ MORE

I like the height of my breast even though it's considered low: would they look awful with implants only?

I wish to fill out my empty breasts not willing to cut my areolas for any type of lift at this time maybe a few years after having another child READ MORE

6 days post-op, looks flat below the areola -- is this a snoopy deformity? (Photos)

I got areola reduction and implants to avoid the lifting. As I thought by decreasing the size of the areola it will tighten my breasts along with... READ MORE

My nipples are too low! My surgeon said she can cut around my nipples and move them up or should I get bigger implants? (Photos)

I'm seven months postop I had 300cc high profile implants will a bigger implant solve this? she said it will stretch the lower pole? But before she... READ MORE

When lowering the inframammary crease will the surgeon need to cut from the areola down?

I have been told because i have hardly any lower pole my surgeon will need to lower my inframammary crease. Im concerned about him needing to cut down... READ MORE

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