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Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

At you can see lots of breast enhancement creams and pills for sale. So, i figured if amazon carries them, they must have some benefit.... READ MORE

So Can Use the Cream or Pill for Firm Breast?

I do plan to have two more kids in three years but in the mean time I want my breast to look perky and firm at my age ; 27. READ MORE

What should I do to get my fiancé's breasts bigger? Creams don't seem to be working and I don't have much money. (Photo)

My fiancé was using breast creams by request of me for the last half year. It ran out recently and she is hesitant to buy more even though her ... READ MORE

Is it a breast implant infection?

I got 360 cc saline breast implant cut under the breast but the dr did some work around the aureola I think it was infracted there was some fluid... READ MORE

8 weeks post op - is my skin deteriorating before my eyes? What is happening? Silicone gel under muscle. (Photo)

It's warm to touch, leaked fluid out for 3-4 days and ultrasound found nothing. It hurts, the breast altogether is harder and stings! Should I put... READ MORE

1 month 1 week post op with 375cc under the muscle. What is the best cream for my scar? (Photo)

I am now 1month and 1 week post off BA 375 cc under the muscle..just want to know what is the best/ good cream for my scar.. do u have any ideas on... READ MORE

Sun burnt sensation on breast. Burns to touch. Any suggestions or creams that I can use?

My entire breast is so sensitive to touch I'm nearly 2weeks post op. Feels like a sunburn to anything touching it.. Is their any suggestions or creams... READ MORE

Bandages, scar cream? (Photo)

My surgery was Jan 18. My doc said bandages would come off 3-4 weeks on their own. They don't look like they are budging? Are they glued on? Can I... READ MORE

Can any pill or cream help me with the pain or swelling? (Photo)

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago (silicone,550cc) and my right boob is a lot bigger, and swollen than the left. Im a little concern because it... READ MORE

Breast incision open with lots of liquid. Any suggestions?

I had my breast augmentation 2 1/2 months. After two weeks i had one breast becoming bigger and hard, as my doctor travel between 2 countries, another... READ MORE

Will I be ok to cut my own stitch?

I had my implant thru the nipple and saw the stitches coming out like the knot part. It was bothering me so I cut them. I feel much better now I also... READ MORE

Stitch popping out? (Photo)

I saw my PS today and he removed the silicone sheet i got around 4 weeks ago. There is this red spot on my left insicion. He said it might be a stitch... READ MORE

After breast implants: Fungus and cream? (photo)

So I got cream and 2 types of antibiotic pills to cure this but as I'm treating it it's going down my rib cage? I know that time heals all but it... READ MORE

Is my implant exposed? Does this heal on its own? Should I spend the money for a flight to see my PS? (Photos)

I developed an infection in one of my incisions about 10 days after my surgery. I was put on Cipro for 2 weeks and given Silver Sulfadiazine cream to... READ MORE

Stretch marks after operation. Will they go away? Should I get a cream or leave them alone? (Photo)

I have never had stretch marks. Got 465cc implants 2 months ago. Will they go away? They don't feel like anything and they're light. Should I get a... READ MORE

Sooo itchy! Could I be allergic to my post-surgical bra?!

My breasts are itchy from the side boob, below the boob (near my incisions) and my back. All areas where my post-surgical bras hit.... I wasn't itchy... READ MORE

What can help with skin irritation caused by sports bras?

I have 800cc Silicone Gel HP Under The Muscle Implants. bought alot of sports bras; no underwire, bought diff. styles, diff. materials, diff. sizes;... READ MORE

When to use stretchmark cream or oil for breast augmentation?

It's the day after my breast augmentation and I wanted to know how soon I can use scar or stretchmark creams/lotions or even like oils? I want to keep... READ MORE

Feeling pain in my incision after the doctor took off my stitches. Should I worry about this?

My doctor took off my stiches and I started putting on the cream they told me to use. I started to feel pain on my incision I have been cleaning and... READ MORE

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