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Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

I didnt wear a bra after my BA and now my breast sit low and sag, can i work out to repair this?  After I got my BA I stopped wearing any... READ MORE

Is There Another Way to Fix a Double Bubble?

Im 2 months post and theres a noticable crease where my natural fold used to be. My doctor dropped my fold and now it looks like a double bubble. I... READ MORE

Would You Say That I Have Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

I've looked like this since I was 13. I was wondering what was wrong with them since they haven't filled out like the rest of my family. (My family is... READ MORE

Bottom out implants. Is corrective surgery the best option or do I leave them alone? (Photo)

My implants have bottomed out. I am worried about having them repaired. My boobs really bother me now, almost as much as before having them. I've had... READ MORE

Dent on right side of cleavage/breast. Can this be corrected without an invasive re-surgery? (Photo)

Hi and thank you in advance for your time. After 3 mths after surgery, I started to notice this "dent" appearing on the right side of my cleavage. I... READ MORE

Tuberous breasts and implants? Do I need a correction? Can I just have implants? Any advice is appreciated. (Photo)

Hi there, I'm 24 yo with no children, my tuberous breasts have always botherred me. Recently my partner and I agreed that we could afford to pay the... READ MORE

How can uneven nipple height be corrected without an additional surgery? (Photo)

My left breast is larger and the nipple is lower than the right one. I understand that most women have asymmetrical breasts but I want mine "perfect".... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rupture After a Revision Lipo - Safe to Undergo More Surgery?

I had botched vaser lipo back in October and an unsuccessful revision surgery only about a month and a half ago. well, no joke, my 12 year old breast... READ MORE

What can I do to correct my breasts? (Photo)

Since age 12 I noticed a difference in the size of my breasts. I recently had a consultation and was told I have at least 6 different... READ MORE

How severe are my tuberous breasts? What kind of correction would be needed? (Photo)

I recently went to my first consultation with a local plastic surgeon and was diagnosed with tuberous breast. he did not tell me how severe they were.... READ MORE

Slight tuberous breasts. Augmentation scheduled with no corrections planned. Do I need corrective surgery? (Photo)

I am 20 yrs old.My breast augmentation is June 6.I was not really aware that I had tuberous breasts until after I did some research, after I paid in... READ MORE

How do you correct bottoming out?

I had breast implants 6 months ago. My primary PS said that I'd dropped a little low (1-2cm) in my left implant but was in the normal range. I sought... READ MORE

Ptosis of my breasts- Can I correct with a BA w/out a lift to achieve a natural shape and profile? (Photo)

I'm 24 years old, wear a 34C bra and have never experienced significant weight gain/loss or breastfed- I've had this sagginess of my breasts since... READ MORE

5ft 0in, 120lbs, wanting 400-450cc implant. Wear a 34 B now. 3 children breastfed all 3. Tuberous breasts. (Photo)

Does 400 and 450 to correct asymmetry sound about right for a D cup? Can they be corrected without a lift? READ MORE

Lower pole to correct saggy breasts? (Photo)

At a consult I was told I would need silicone, over the muscle and lowering of the inframmorary fold which would basically create two creases below... READ MORE

More Cc's Placed in the Wrong Breast?

My doctor admitted they placed the larger implant in the wrong breast. So now I have more swelling and noticeable, not a lot, but noticeable size... READ MORE

Can massage correct the problem with my new implants? (Photo)

I had a biplanar augmentation done in February this year. We chose to use 550cc Ultra High gel implants. I went from a size 36B to 36DD. However,... READ MORE

Implants too far apart and sagging. Will my surgeon correct this issue? (Photo)

I had my BA 7th Oct 2016 and had 389/410 dual plane but feel they are sagging and far too low. Will my surgeon correct this issue?? READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I'm very unhappy with the shape of my breasts. I'm not concerned with the size, I'm a 34 b. I believe that I may have tuberous breasts. All of the... READ MORE

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