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Can Steroid Injections Help Hard Scar Lump in Breast Augmentation?

I have mild contracture of right breast implant and can feel a small spot where scar tissue is hard, was wondering if steroid injection could reduce... READ MORE

When I Lift Weights I Can Feel my Pecs Contracting. Will That Feeling Ever Go Away?

I am 5 weeks post surgery. I had submuscle gel implants inserted in the nipple. The doctor gave me the ok to start working out. Today, I did, but... READ MORE

Are hard bumps below the nipple and breast area normal after breast augmentation? Will they go away?

I had sub muscular breast augmentation done almost 4 weeks ago. Implant we're inserted via areola. I went from 36a to full C's. I smoked before and... READ MORE

Breast Implant Contracture question

I am one year s/p 350cc implants. My right breast has a palpable "bump" that feels like the implant. It is "squishy" similar to silicone and not firm... READ MORE

3 Months post-op, could this be a double bubble? Do I need a revision surgery? (photos)

I am 3 months post Opt and about 2 weeks ago I started noticing these indendations (photo) only when contracting the muscle otherwise it looks normal.... READ MORE

Would a surgeon explant due to encapsulation? Two months breastfeeding and have developed a contracture! 300 cc submuscular.

I have been nursing for 2 months and just realized I've developed a contracture in the same breast I've had one before. I'm 1 1/2 years post op &... READ MORE

It is difficult to stretch my arm above my head without feeling resistance if my chest muscles?

I got breast implant on May 11th. It is difficult to stretch my arm over my head. It feels like cheat are going to rip. Should I refrain from this... READ MORE

Breast implants; can you explain to me what all this means?

The Brest unit is saying that I have a Becker ll grade contracture on my right implant & glandular tenderness The ultrasound scan confirmed... READ MORE

5.5 weeks post op left breast not dropping? Is it too late for the breast to drop? (Photos)

Saw surgeon he thought possible contracture, massage and wait 6 months for possible revision. Traumatized and stressed as I do not want and cannot... READ MORE

What causes the implant contracture to start aching a little?

What causes the implant contracture to start aching a little? I was actually told by my doctor not to do anything until I had to. I've seen a surgeon. READ MORE

Is contracting normal? (Photo)

So I got my breast augmentation! :) everything went great, love the results so far. My PS said my implants will be high for awhile. I got submuscular... READ MORE

Can mondors cord be on medial side of breast by sternum? Can this make breast harder or swollen? (Follow up to prev original?)

4 weeks post op did to much activity afterward more pain swelling, little firmness. Saw my provider yesterday who said he thought maybe contracture... READ MORE

Hematoma treatment, can I develop a contracture? (Photo)

I had a hematoma aspirated 3 days ago. My PS thought it was fluid swelling but I thought something wasnt right. It was a lot of blood collection.... READ MORE

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