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What Can I Do to Fix my Wide-spaced Breasts?

I'm 19 but my breasts are wide spaced and unattractive so I am considering surgery options. 5'9, 120 pounds, very thin but well-proportioned.... READ MORE

Breasts Too Far Apart After Implants - Will They Get Closer with Time?

My breast augmentation was 2 weeks ago and my breasts seem to be in my armpits. Will they settle closer over time? I was a 30A. I got 250 saline... READ MORE

Will High Profile Breast Implants Give Me Cleavage and Roundness?

I  have had one surgey already in jan this year to fix my breasts that were differant sizes my first augmentation was 2 lowprofile implants 350cc... READ MORE

Will 650cc Breast Implants Drop and Have Cleavage?

I'm a B cup now and I'm getting 650cc under the muscle breast implants and I'm curious if they will drop and have clevage since they're so small... READ MORE

Sub Glandular Vs Sub Muscular Implant for Better Cleavage?

I recently posted a question whether to get sub muscular or sub glandular implants and the feedback was most helpful in my decision. I'm leaning... READ MORE

Full, Round Breast Implants for a Petite Woman?

I just turned 18 and I want to get breast implants. I am a size 32 A and 5 feet tall. I am very petite and do not have a lot of breast tissue. What is... READ MORE

My Breasts Don't Want to Push Together for Cleavage? (photo)

I got a breast aug about 19 months ago under the muscle. I now want them bigger but the main issue is that I cant get any push up bras that will make... READ MORE

Have my implants bottomed out? Should I get larger ones so there's more middle cleavage? Maybe switch to overs? (Photo)

The gap between breast I feel is too large. I think they appear to have bottomed out, as my scar is way higher than most. I am 9 months post op. I... READ MORE

How Can I Get More Cleavage?

I am pretty comfortable with the size of my breasts, but I really wish they were fuller in the upper pole so I would have more cleavage. I wouldn't... READ MORE

Breasts too Far Apart. 3 Days Post Op, Will They Get Closer Together? (photo)

I had sub muscular breast augmentation 3 days ago, and looking at them i love the shape and size but they seem to far apart will they get closer as i... READ MORE

I Can Feel the Implant on my Right Side, is This Normal?

I can feel the implant (650cc gel) on the right side in the cleavage and down around the bottom. My Dr says this is normal, that there wasnt as much... READ MORE

What Breast Implants to Go with to Have More Cleavage

Is there a certain type of implant or technique that will give me more cleavage? Right now my breasts are set pretty far apart. What are my options?... READ MORE

What Can I Expect My Cup Size To Be? Small B Cup Getting 350cc Saline Moderate+Profile.

K I am 5'4 100 pounds 23 years old. I am currently a small b or a full a 32. My BWD is 11.9 I am going to have 350cc saline moderate plus implants... READ MORE

Breast implants fall into armpits when laying down. Can anything be done? (Photo)

I got my saline implant surgery 6 years ago and was told that because of my chest I would not have cleavage. This was understood, but, I did not think... READ MORE

I Want More CC's, Why Won't My Doctor Go Bigger?

5'4 130lbs Bwd 13 I Am a Deflated 34b Cup. I am going with an excellent surgeon and was really upset when he told me he would only go up to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Good Amount of Cleavage?

I am 20 years old, no kids, 5'9, 130 pounds, 34A. I went to a plastic surgeon and he said I will need 350cc in my right and 400cc in my left to... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to bring my breasts closer together? More cleavage, etc. 3 weeks post op. (Photo)

325cc Silimed high profile sub pectoral. Shall time be the healer or was I just genetically designed with this gap between my breasts?Are they... READ MORE

Larger Breast Implant to Create Upper Pole Fullness and Cleavage?

The doctor said that my tissue and skin are the culprits, not able to hold the implants up. I am 128 lbs. 5'4 and before surgery between B and C cup. READ MORE

800cc Silicone Implants After Double Matectomy - Implants Look Like Mounds, Not Natural or Cleavage. What Can I Do?

I have always had big Boobs and cleavage .i found out i had cancer. Praise God im cancer free !Had a full double mastectomy But i just had my silicone... READ MORE

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