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Choosing a Doctor for Breast Implants

What about past issues w/ medical board? Does a full schedule and higher prices mean a surgeon does good work? I have decided to get breast implants.... READ MORE

10+ Yr Breast Implants Need to Be Checked but my Doctor is MIA, What Should I Do?

I'm going on 11 years with my implants and they feel okay but I would feel much better if I could get a doctors opinion. My problem is that my... READ MORE

Tired of Getting the Run Around. I Am Looking for the True Cost of Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Basically I've been trying to do a lot of research. Emailing doctors and all. Its getting really frustrating. 5'3,115, deflated size b. I know... READ MORE

NYC Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in NYC for Breast implants? READ MORE

How Can I Find a Certified Surgeon That is Willing to Give Me (A Non TG Male) Breast Implants?

I am trying to find a board certified surgeon that is willing to do breast augmentation surgery on me, a male who is NOT transgendered (at least not... READ MORE

How Do I Know my Doctor is Board Certified?

Im about to have a breast augmentation with a doctor who has great reviews but how can i search if he is board certified. Excuse my ignorance, but... READ MORE

Things to Know Before Having Breast Implants?

What should I know and consider before having a Breast augumentation? I am 20 years old and I don't know how much the surgery would cost nor what to... READ MORE

2 consults, 2 breast widths. Loved suggested size/diameter from PS #1, but have better rapport with and trust PS #2 more (Photo)

1. Is it okay to question a PS's measurements if everything else about them feels like they're the doc for you? #1 said 13cm width (5'2", 31" ribcage,... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go to a Plastic Surgeon for a Seroma?

I have had my implants for 6 years and I suspect I now have a seroma. Do I have to go to a Plastic Surgeon? Or can I go to my general practitioner,... READ MORE

Should I Get my Breast Aug Done by an Unsupervised Fellow at a Teaching Hospital?

I was just in formed by my PS, a fellow at a teaching hospital, that he will not be supervised for my surgery. My surgery is in three days. Is it... READ MORE

Having a Problem with my Right Breast Implant. My Surgeon Lost License? (photo)

I recently injured my back and right implant lifting heavy boxes. it feels as if implant may have moved and there is a spot poking through I am in... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Surgeon for Silicone Implants/450cc Under the Muscle/incision Under the Breast? (photo)

I have recieved a consultation and a quote from a local surgeon (East Coast) $8400 450cc silicone placed under muscle - I am symetrical - Not sure... READ MORE

Is the Number of Revisions a Surgeon Does on Their Own Breast Implant Surgeries a Concern?

When choosing a doctor, how relevant is it to know if a surgeon needs to do revisions on breast augmentation they performed? Is it equally important... READ MORE

Are the Any Plastic Surgeons in the New Mexico Area That Repairs Symmastia? (photo)

I've had symmastia for 2 years now, I'm looking to correct it now, because my plastic surgeon told me he may have made the pockets a bit large... READ MORE

How to Chose the Right Doctor?

Im 25 years old 130 pounds 5'5 had a baby two years ago and my breast became so ugly that makes me cry every time i look at then,i need to get some... READ MORE

Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants?

Dr. that did my surgery has a horrible review from one customer. My implants are ruptured now and I dont know whether I should go back to him or trust... READ MORE

How many consultations should I get before choosing a surgeon?

I am researching surgeons for breast implant surgery, and I am curious how many consultations I should go to before choosing a surgeon? I want to make... READ MORE

The quest for a surgeon. Not enough before/after pics? Going significantly larger and first operation(600cc)

Hello I was wondering what I should look for or even what pages I should go to when searching for a surgeon. Also what questions should I ask when... READ MORE

Who Should I Go to in Colorado for Breast Implants?

I am looking for a surgeon with great reviews to perform a breast augmentation on me. I am 23 years old and have a B cup and would like a cup or two... READ MORE

Connecticut Surgeons For Breast Implants?

I've been looking for a while for the right surgeon for breast implants. I'm a large A cup looking to go to a large B/Small C. I've decided on Saline.... READ MORE

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