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Choosing a Doctor for Breast Implants

What about past issues w/ medical board? Does a full schedule and higher prices mean a surgeon does good work? I have decided to get breast implants.... READ MORE

10+ Yr Breast Implants Need to Be Checked but my Doctor is MIA, What Should I Do?

I'm going on 11 years with my implants and they feel okay but I would feel much better if I could get a doctors opinion. My problem is that my... READ MORE

Tired of Getting the Run Around. I Am Looking for the True Cost of Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Basically I've been trying to do a lot of research. Emailing doctors and all. Its getting really frustrating. 5'3,115, deflated size b. I know... READ MORE

NYC Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon Recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good plastic surgeon in NYC for Breast implants? READ MORE

How Can I Find a Certified Surgeon That is Willing to Give Me (A Non TG Male) Breast Implants?

I am trying to find a board certified surgeon that is willing to do breast augmentation surgery on me, a male who is NOT transgendered (at least not... READ MORE

How Do I Know my Doctor is Board Certified?

Im about to have a breast augmentation with a doctor who has great reviews but how can i search if he is board certified. Excuse my ignorance, but... READ MORE

Things to Know Before Having Breast Implants?

What should I know and consider before having a Breast augumentation? I am 20 years old and I don't know how much the surgery would cost nor what to... READ MORE

2 consults, 2 breast widths. Loved suggested size/diameter from PS #1, but have better rapport with and trust PS #2 more (Photo)

1. Is it okay to question a PS's measurements if everything else about them feels like they're the doc for you? #1 said 13cm width (5'2", 31" ribcage,... READ MORE

Should I Get my Breast Aug Done by an Unsupervised Fellow at a Teaching Hospital?

I was just in formed by my PS, a fellow at a teaching hospital, that he will not be supervised for my surgery. My surgery is in three days. Is it... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Surgeon for Silicone Implants/450cc Under the Muscle/incision Under the Breast? (photo)

I have recieved a consultation and a quote from a local surgeon (East Coast) $8400 450cc silicone placed under muscle - I am symetrical - Not sure... READ MORE

Having a Problem with my Right Breast Implant. My Surgeon Lost License? (photo)

I recently injured my back and right implant lifting heavy boxes. it feels as if implant may have moved and there is a spot poking through I am in... READ MORE

Is the Number of Revisions a Surgeon Does on Their Own Breast Implant Surgeries a Concern?

When choosing a doctor, how relevant is it to know if a surgeon needs to do revisions on breast augmentation they performed? Is it equally important... READ MORE

Do I Have to Go to a Plastic Surgeon for a Seroma?

I have had my implants for 6 years and I suspect I now have a seroma. Do I have to go to a Plastic Surgeon? Or can I go to my general practitioner,... READ MORE

Are the Any Plastic Surgeons in the New Mexico Area That Repairs Symmastia? (photo)

I've had symmastia for 2 years now, I'm looking to correct it now, because my plastic surgeon told me he may have made the pockets a bit large... READ MORE

How to Chose the Right Doctor?

Im 25 years old 130 pounds 5'5 had a baby two years ago and my breast became so ugly that makes me cry every time i look at then,i need to get some... READ MORE

Should I Trust a Doctor That Has a Bad Review to Revise my Breast Implants?

Dr. that did my surgery has a horrible review from one customer. My implants are ruptured now and I dont know whether I should go back to him or trust... READ MORE

How many consultations should I get before choosing a surgeon?

I am researching surgeons for breast implant surgery, and I am curious how many consultations I should go to before choosing a surgeon? I want to make... READ MORE

The quest for a surgeon. Not enough before/after pics? Going significantly larger and first operation(600cc)

Hello I was wondering what I should look for or even what pages I should go to when searching for a surgeon. Also what questions should I ask when... READ MORE

Who Should I Go to in Colorado for Breast Implants?

I am looking for a surgeon with great reviews to perform a breast augmentation on me. I am 23 years old and have a B cup and would like a cup or two... READ MORE

Connecticut Surgeons For Breast Implants?

I've been looking for a while for the right surgeon for breast implants. I'm a large A cup looking to go to a large B/Small C. I've decided on Saline.... READ MORE

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