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I Am Considering Getting my Boobs Done. Which is Better: Saline or Silicone?

I have heard silicone feel more natural, but I am afraid because they have had a bad reputation. If they rupture, will I get sick? My friend has... READ MORE

Should I Choose High Profile Implants or Moderate+?

I`ve been consulting three different doctors, but thay seem to disagree what is the right implant for me. I`m 5,6", 124lbs, ribcage about... READ MORE

Best Implant for Me - 550cc Moderate Plus or 650 Moderate?

Im getting breast augmentation and breast lift next month, but I need to know what implants would best fit my body (Im 5'4 160 lbs) and my breast... READ MORE

Should I Replace my Saline Implants with Silicone Through Nipples or Under the Breast?

I have saline implants for 7 years, through my nipples, and want to replace them with silicone. But one doctor wants to go under the breast instead of... READ MORE

6'1", Moderate Plus 500cc. Should I Get High Profile Instead?

I'm 6'1 and Have Chosen Moderate Plus 500cc.Should I Go High Prohile, Scared Too Narrow?? READ MORE

Submuscular or on Top of the Muscle - Which is Right for Me ?

I am 41yrsOld and have lost over 60pounds. I have about 5 to10lbs to go. I am 5ft 4inches tall and my breasts have become very saggy after having... READ MORE

Motiva ergonomix? I am unsure on which implant type to choose.

I am booked in for a breast augmentation in June. I am quite petite and am after a relatively small, natural look. I do like the look of anatmoical... READ MORE

Can I Choose 2 Implant Choices Pre-Op and Let Surgeon Decide During Surgery?

At the time of surgery could I purchase 2 implant choices and have the doctor choose the proper fit during surgery procedure? READ MORE

Best implant choice? What implant type would be most realistic? (photos)

I dont want to spend more than 4000 at the end of it. I want to add size and i dont need lift. What will give me my desired results? I want a natural,... READ MORE

Are there some websites that you could recommend that could help me in researching breast implants?

I am really considering getting breast implants. I want to have a better understanding of it before I make my final decision. READ MORE

How can I choose the right size implant, and should I choose saline or silicone? (Photo)

Concerned about what size implant. My surgeon says 400 ccs will be the biggest silocone he will put in me. If I eant more ccs than I have to chose... READ MORE

If my BWD is 11.5-12cm can I still pick an implant with a 12.5cm width?

My PS thinks 355cc moderate plus profile with a 12cm width is a good choice. I just feel that is too small, I am currently a 32a/b and want to achieve... READ MORE

Are moderate profile or high profile implants (375-400 cc) a better choice if you are a petite woman?

I am very petite, 4 feet 10 inches and around 87 pounds. I want a natural sag to my breast after implants as I do not want them to sit too high on my... READ MORE

Should I go with Dr's suggestion of high profile 400cc implants, or 450 moderate+?

I am currently a 32b bra size with a 13.5/13 BWD. 27" rib cage. I would like to be a full D or DD. Had my first consultation and the doctor... READ MORE

Which implants should I go with? (Photo)

I am 5'5, 120 lbs and am a 34 b. I was told by my surgeon that I should stick between 270-310ccs but another told me to go between 350-450cc which... READ MORE

is there somewhere i can look up images of someone close to my size with the implants i am looking to obtain?

Im 30 yr old. 5'5" 125 lbs fairly thin. i currently have 400cc and one ruptured and am getting ready to go up in size. but i want to know what they... READ MORE

Which implant brand/style and profile is best to avoid rippling subglandular placement?

I'm 5'4 at 115 lbs and am looking for advice to find the best choice of implant brand/ style, profile and size when placed above the muscle. I'm... READ MORE

What kind of implants should I consider to get natural looking and specially natural feel?

Hello, Im 20 years old, my breast size is 34A and im thinking about getting breast implants they should look and specially feel natural. Im not... READ MORE

How are Polytech implants? Do you recommend them with a periareolar lift?

I'm thinking about having a BA with a periareolar lift ( to get my nipples up a little bit, now the left breast is a bit saggy). My Dr suggested... READ MORE

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