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Is It Safe to Exercise Chest Muscles After Breast Implants?

What happens to Breast Implants if I work out my pectoral muscles; ie, push ups? Are there different exercises I can do? Are pull ups ok? READ MORE

Are High Profile Implants Recommended for Patient with Wide Chest?

My appointment is this week and I'm a bit nervous about the result. I have a wide chest and sternum. I'm a B cup with good breast tissue. The doctor... READ MORE

Breast Implants to Minimize Gap Between Breasts on a Wide Chest?

I have a pretty wide BWD (about 16-18 cm as far as I have measured) and am shooting for a natural 36C-D look, I am currently a small 36B with a fair... READ MORE

Will HP Breast Implants Help with Pigeon Chest?

During a consultation, I was told I have Pectus Carinatum (pigeon chest). Presently, I am 34C, and considering breast augmentation (I had a breast... READ MORE

Can a Leaking Silicone Implant Cause Chest / Rib Pain?

My left implant showed leakage into the breast cavity around a year ago,i have chest/rib pain now that doc thinks is muscle strain..could a leak in... READ MORE

Break out on Chest After Breast Implants?

I'm 4 months post op and my chest is broke out in small red bumps. It started about over month ago. Its on my top of my breast and in the middle but... READ MORE

Round Profile Breast Implants for Patient with Prominent Chest?

I am a 75A wishing for a 75C. I also have a very prominent chest wall – bony and the 2nd bones after the ones sloping outwards. I have been to 3... READ MORE

I had Implants Two Years Ago and my Left Breast Hurts, I also have Really Bad Chest Pains

I been thinking of removing them, because im scared, my chest pains are an everyday pain and i went to the emergency room and they dont tell me... READ MORE

Breast Implants on Someone with Pigeon Chest?

I have pigeon chest and I'm looking to have breast implants. Other than that, I have recently lost some weight. My breasts are only mildly ptotic, but... READ MORE

3 Years Post-op: Trouble Breathing, Pain Under Right Breast, Chest Pain & Hand Numbness

If I need an MRI do I need a referral? What kind of MRI do I ask for? The breathing is whats scary, its really affecting me. I had saline breast... READ MORE

Breast Implants After Removing Freckle on Chest?

I am planning on getting breast implants this year. I've recently had a freckle removed from my chest and don't know how long to wait before I have to... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants Expand with Air Pressure?

I saw this question on Twitter and had to know the answer: "If a woman has breast implants and climbs a high mountain do the implants expand... READ MORE

When Will the Sensation of a "Foreign Body" in my Chest Go Away?

I am 41 years old and had silicon implants to increase my breast size from a A on the right and B on the left to a C cup on both sides. I am 7 weeks... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about having silicone free in my body after a leek in silicone implants ?

First implant in 1997 One sided leek (right) and replacement January 2012 Now a muscle-skeletal chronic pain right chest and shoulder + a silicone... READ MORE

How tight should I wrap my strap around my chest?

I was told to wear a strap around my chest to help my implants settle. How tight should I wrap it? READ MORE

Are there be any weight restrictions or strenuous activity limits after having breast implant surgery I'm a tree climber.

My job requires a lot of upper body strength pulling myself up the rope and using chainsaws chipping branches an lifting heavy logs daily..After a... READ MORE

What is the Difference between Breast Base Width (BBW) and Breast Width Diameter (BWD) (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op (got round gel mentor overs) and really happy with them so far however would have liked to go bigger as the swelling is almost... READ MORE

Best breast implants size

Im 32A I measure 4'10 weight 103 small petite body if I want to be a size 32B what size implants will I get how many cc's and wich profile I dnt want... READ MORE

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