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How Many Cc's to Achieve C Cup from A Cup?

I am a petite woman currently an A cup and I want to be a full C cup. I am going to get saline implants under the muscle. How many cc's would it take... READ MORE

Is Cc and Grams the Same Thing?? if my Doctor Says Im Getting a 295 Grams Implant is That the Same Than a 295 Cc Implant. ??

Is Cc and Grams the Same Thing?? if my Doctor Says Im Getting a 295 Grams Implant is That the Same Than a 295 Cc Implant. ?? READ MORE

How Many Cc's Total Does One Need to Go Up 3 Cup Sizes with a 36 Band?

I'm 5ft. 6.5inches and weigh 135lbs. Band width 36. Just curious how many cc's TOTAL, I might need to go up 3 cup sizes (preferably full)? READ MORE

Flat Chested Woman Going To a C Cup With Silicone Gel Implants. What Size/cc's Should I Go With?

I have been to 2 different doctors, and I believe my breast base measures around 13cm's if I heard correctly. Both mentioned the moderate profile... READ MORE

I Am 36B/34C. Can I Go BIG Without Having 3 Breast Surgeries?

I am 5.4", 118 lbs and I want to go BIG but I dont want to have multiple surgeries. Is it possible that I can have DD or F without having too... READ MORE

What Size Implants Should I Get? Want Large D Cup Boobs, or DD. 5'8, 143 Lbs, Sillicone Implants!

I know I should not focus on the cup size but more on what I want it to look like, I want them to be large, I am 5'8 and a little bit and weigh... READ MORE

32A/AA with 400cc Implants To Be a Large C, Small D Cup?

Hi, I'm 5'4" about 105 pounds and i currently wear a 32a/aa size bra. I would like the final result to be a big C, small D. I want to get... READ MORE

What's the Biggest Breast Implant I Can Get with my Measurements?

HELP! whats the biggest cc i can go with my measurements? can i do 500cc?? 5'4 32in waiist 27in around under boob 30in arond over boob 34A /B cup size... READ MORE

If my Bra Size is 32A How Much Cc in Saline Implants Do I Need to Get to a Full C Cup? (photo)

Hey, I'm 27 years old, 128 lbs, 5'3" and I wear a 32 A in bra. I want to be a full C low D and I want to know how much cc saline implants will bring... READ MORE

32AA Going for 350cc or 375cc For Fuller Breasts? 5', 108lbs, AA cup.

I am getting my breast implants in 2 weeks and i cannot decide either get 350cc or 375cc. I've been told that getting it done under the muscle... READ MORE

How Much CC Do I Need to Get Full C/Small D?

I'm 19yrs Vietnamese girl. Height 5'4, weight 135lbs. Bra size is Small B and my boob on the left is bigger than right side. I want to achieve Full C... READ MORE

Help with Determining the Cc's to Achieve C Cup from a B Cup

I am 5'11, 135 pounds and I'm looking into a breast augmentation. I'm currently a B cup, and want to be a C cup. Can you help me with... READ MORE

How Many Cc's to Achieve Perky Size D?

Currently a 38C; 5'3" tall & 150 lbs. w/ kinda droopy breasts...would like a more perky look with nipples pointed straight ahead or upward &... READ MORE

How Many CCs to Reach a Full C?

I am 5'3 and about 120 lbs.I started out with about a 34B cup with a good amount of breast tissue. i have a 27 inch rib cage and I had 300cc... READ MORE

Are the Cc's in Saline Implants the Same As Silicone Implants?

E.g if i was to get 270cc Silicone implants would they be the same as if was to get 270cc Saline implants. READ MORE

Losing Cc's Under the Muscle?

When I had the consult with my plastic surgeon he had a 450 cc implant to show me (will try on the sizers at pre op) and we all agreed it looked... READ MORE

Worried About Implants and Slight Asymmetry

I have slight asymmetry because my right crease is lower than the other. I discussed with my PS the possibility of a nipple relocation but I have no... READ MORE

How Do You Know How Many Ccs to Get, How Does That Compare to Cup Sizes?

Currently a 36c with one breast about a half of cup larger than the other. Currently looking into getting breast implants, still very undecided on... READ MORE

How Do I Know Which CC's Will Look Ok On My Body? (photo)

I am 5'7 1/2 and weigh 180 pounds. I currently wear a 36B and recently went to a consultation. I tried on 375cc's and thought it may be too... READ MORE

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