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Do Silicone Breast Implants Cause Autoimmune Disorders?

I would want to undergo a breast augmentation and the doctor wants to use silicon gel implants. I am a bit worried about the longevity of the implants... READ MORE

What Causes Encapsulation of Breast Implants?

What Causes Encapsulation of Breast Implants? READ MORE

What's Causing my Breasts to Take an Odd Shape? (photo)

I have 421cc silicone implants placed subfascial through transax incisions. I'm 9 weeks post op & noticed around week 5 that my breasts began... READ MORE

What Is The Cause of Symmastia? What Can I Do Now? (photo)

I went to several ps in person that confirmed that I do have synmastia. Right now it is mild-moderate but can get worse if not fixed. I'm debating... READ MORE

What Would Cause Pressure/pain on Breast Crease? 450cc, Saline Under Muscle, Crease Incision? (photo)

I posted a "?" a few wks ago w/ pics regarding a concern with "bottoming out" of my left implant. 3 dr. on this site, as well as my PS, assured me... READ MORE

Is This Muscle Flexion Disorder or Dimpling from Breast Lump? (photo)

Hi I have had my silicon implants for 5 years (below muscle) I just noticed last night when I flex my pecs there is a dimpling from outside areola and... READ MORE

3.5 Weeks Post Breast Implants, and Developed a Ridge on the Side? (photo)

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op, silicone-under muscle-360cc. I am 94lbs. I noticed after about a week in ahalf that the right breast has like a ridge on the... READ MORE

Is It Common for Breast Implant Incisions to Rip Open?

My breast incision ripped during my massaging techniques 25 days post op. My massaging techniques were assigned to my from my PS. Is there any reason... READ MORE

Is This Double Bubble?

Had BA on 7-8-11. PS never mentioned I would or might need a lift and am wondering if he missed the mark here. I am 7 weeks post op and am curious if... READ MORE

Can Breast Implants Cause Hives?

I received breast implants one week ago from today, and 3 days ago broke out in a serious rash/hives all over my body and face. I realize this could... READ MORE

Cortisone Injection in Breast Implant Incision Cause Thinning of Breast Tissue Among Other Problems? (photo)

I had BA almost 1 year ago (July 18th will be a year.) I had Mentor Silicone Smooth Mod+ Profile Submuscular implants. I went from a 34B to a 34D. The... READ MORE

I Had Silicon Breast Implants 3 Years Ago, Liquid Found Around Left Breast Implant. Freaking Out?

I had breast augmentation 3 years ago; 2 days after the surgery fluid build around left breast and it was immediately drained. Left breast always... READ MORE

What Causes Implants to Change Shape and Get Bulges 2 Years Post-Op? (photo)

I had my implant surgery 1yr9mos ago,i went from A to a D, the implants are Mentor smooth moderate profile saline and are over the muscle(even though... READ MORE

Pain After Breast Augmentation Under the Muscle About 9 Years Ago?

I had Breast augmentation under the muscle about 9 years ago. Lately I have tingling on my left arm and pain on the left breast almost like chest pain... READ MORE

My Gummy Bear/cohesive Gel Implants Have Always Felt Hard, Why?

From day one these things have felt hard and immobile. After about a year I noticed a bubble on my left breast, not sure why or how that got there.... READ MORE

What Causes Breast Implants to Leak?

I am trying to decide whether to go with saline or silicone and I've read up on the differences in how each leaks and the signs of leaking but I what... READ MORE

Normal To Feel Soreness 4 Years After Silicone Breast Implants?

The last few days I have a had a little soreness in my right breast. I had silicone implants put in about 4 years ago. Everything looks and feels... READ MORE

Breast and Nipple Sore - Due to 35-year-old Implants?

I have had breast implants for 35 years. I am 58 years old. I never had any kind of problem! Today, My left breast and nipple was very sore. My nipple... READ MORE

Is hair loss related to silicone implants?

I got 275cc silicone implants at the end of October 2013. I have not really noticed anything unusual although the left breast does feel less full and... READ MORE

My Left Breast Feels Like a Pulled Muscle - Why?

I had breast implants over the muscle 7 days ago, on my left breast only I had a lift as well. My right breast is no longer sore however my left... READ MORE

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