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Silicone implant fold - please help! (Photo)

6 weeks after surgery I noticed a lump under where the incision was. It was only small then. Now it's large. My breast feels like a deflated ballon.... READ MORE

When does the capsule form around breast implants?

I had breast augmentation a couple weeks ago. I decided breast implants are not for me and would like them removed soon. I understand the procedure... READ MORE

Will Capsule Deflate if Punctured?

If There is a Capsule Around a Saline Implant, Will It Deflate if Punctured. READ MORE

How long does it take a capsule to form around an implant?

Hi there, I'm about two weeks post op from my breast reconstruction and i'm wondering how long it takes for the capsule that forms around the implants... READ MORE

Could leakage of a saline and capsule implant cause a skin rash?

I had saline implants placed in 7/2004, in September of 2014 I noticed that it was slowly leaking. In November of 2014 I have obtained a skin rash on... READ MORE

My breast (w/ gel implant) was hit by a shed door. I have pain under my breast & it hurts when I move. Did I break the capsule?

I've had breast implants for 26 years. in '07 had replacement done. right breast felt firmer.i massage regularly. was going in shedwind caught door... READ MORE

Trouble with Breast Implants? (photo)

I have 390 round mod implants over the muscle, together with a breast lift 1 year ago, 6 weeks ago I did removed a capsule in my left breast. Now the... READ MORE

I have breast implant pain from encapsulation. Is this normal?

I got breast implants (Memes) 27 years ago. In recent years I have developed more encapsulation resulting in extreme firmness & causing a... READ MORE

It feels like my pectoral muscle is always flexed. Is this a sign of capsular contracture? (440cc, saline, mod, under muscle)

The day after my surgery (1 year ago), I woke up in excruciating pain along the inner cleavage line of my right breast. I was put on fentanyl for 3... READ MORE

Ruptured Implant. Need Doctor Referrral For Replacement?

I have a rutured implant. Both have been hard since implanted over 10 years ago. They are infront of the muscle. My question is that I oviously have... READ MORE

Will Capsule Removal Improve the Outcome of Breast Implant Revision?

My surgeon is recommending capsule removal during implant revision. I have saline implants that have dropped and I have lost weight. I want to improve... READ MORE

Do I have liquid swelling, seroma, capsular contracture or just uneven healing and capsule formation? (Photo)

I am about three weeks post op. My left breast became bigger than my right breast around one week post op. It became higher, firmer and more rounded... READ MORE

How difficult is capsule removal 4 months after pip removal?

After reading the comments from the various Doctors, and thank you for your advice. How difficult could it be to remove all or part of the capsule now... READ MORE

Discomfort while running. Is it possible the capsule has ruptured? I had silicone under the muscle implants one year ago.

I had breast augmentation about a year ago with silicone under the muscle implants. Recently when I run I can feel the right implant rubbing against... READ MORE

Why are silicone implants more expensive than saline?

Why is Silicone implants more expensive vs Salines??? A P.S recommended that I get the gummy bear implants because it prevents capsules from... READ MORE

Capsular rupture with developing linguini sign. What does this mean? (Photo)

Hi my breast ultrasound results say capsular rupture with developing linguini sign with capsular enfolding and fluid superficial to the capsule on... READ MORE

Is it safe to keep ruptured implants in or must they be removed ASAP? (Photo)

MRI shows intracapsular ruptures in both breasts, I am 57, have 25 yr old Dow Corning implants, want them out, 1 PS said I won't like the look and... READ MORE

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