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Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Will breast implants cause breast cancer?  READ MORE

Breast Implants and Lymphoma

The FDA reported that breast implants may increase the risk of developing a form of lymphoma. Can a doctor explain whether this is with all types of... READ MORE

How Do Breast Implants over the Muscle Protect Against Cancer?

Why do some surgeons believe this (over the muscle implants) is a valid or better reason for reducing the likelihood of cancer in breasts? READ MORE

Is it True that Lung Cancer is 3X More Common in Women with Implants?

I have had implants for 15 years 8 months now I have pain in my chest wall and back I read a study that said lung cancer is 3x more common in women... READ MORE

5 Years Post Implants After Bi-lateral Mastectomy: Started to Get Pain in Left Breast

Starting last week I have pain in my left breast. I have silicone implants and the pain is dull but steady for about an hour then will go away but... READ MORE

Lumps with Breast Implants, Are Cancerous Lumps Detectable?

What I meant was that I want to get breast implants but what happens afterwards if for instance if my doctor finds a cancerous lump...are the implants... READ MORE

Are Saline Implants Less Likely to Cause Breast Cancer Than Silicone Implants?

If breast cancer runs in a family, are saline implants safer? Why or why not? READ MORE

Breast Implants - Greater Risk of Cancer?

Do breast implants have any bearing on breast cancer risk? READ MORE

Breast Implants Cancer Screening?

How are cancer screenings/mammograms done with breast implants? READ MORE

Scar Tissue Around Silicone Granulomas is Growing, Could This Be Cancer?

I have had silicone granulomas above my right breast since 1984, in the last 6 months they have grown larger. I saw a plastic surgeon in Oct about... READ MORE

FDA Says Possible Link Between Implants and ALCL Cancer - What's Your View?

This news story broke last night (January 27, 2011) and I wanted to get your thoughts. http://healthland.time... READ MORE

NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! Pain after auto accident in my back, directly behind breast wall (I was rear ended)

I was involved in an auto accident 3 months ago (7/27/12). Since then I have experienced some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  I... READ MORE

Can gummy bear implants can cause pancreatic, brain, stomach, or lung cancer?

I have read that silicone breast implants (gummy bear implants) may cause pancreatic, brain, stomach, and lung cancers. READ MORE

Non-silicone Breast Implants Risk of Cancer?

Can non-silicone breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer? Is it because detection is more difficult with implants or is it the implant... READ MORE

Can you give me a clear answer as to what happens to silicone that is free in the body after an implant ruptures?

Has anyone ever had this complaint before; about free silicone in the body and what the dangers are. The cancer was on the left; some of the lymph... READ MORE

Should I still get implants if I have high risk of breast cancer?

Im a asian, 32yo. I was a 32c then become 32b after my first child n I think im a 32a now after my 2nd child. My husband loves big boobs n im really... READ MORE

Do Breast Implants Cause a Rare Form of Lymphoma?

I am considering breast augmentation. I am rest-assured from what I have read that they do not cause breast cancer, but now I am reading 2011 research... READ MORE

Will implants under the muscle help detect cancer with women with high density breasts?

Will implants under the muscle help detect cancer with women with high density breasts? I have high dense breasts according to my mammogram. With the... READ MORE

Microcalcification and breast implants is it safe?

Hi I am considering breast enlargement surgery but before my op I have done mammografy and results was microcalcification in one breast non cancerous.... READ MORE

Link between ALCL and breast implants?

I am thinking about getting breast implants but seen a post (attached below) about a very small link between ALCL Cancer and breast implants. It's on... READ MORE

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