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600 or 800 Cc's over or Under the Muscle? Will These Achieve my Goal? Thank You (photo)

My BA appointment is 2 weeks away, we ordered 600 and 800 cc hi profile saline implants. My question is, I want the "full round, pornstar look" with... READ MORE

C to D or DD: 350cc teardrop implants vs. Round?

I have a C cup but would like D or DD... is 350 teardrop implant good for me? I would like them as sexy nature as possible. For some reason this thing... READ MORE

Is 550cc's Okay for my Body Type?

I am wanting to get breast Implants. I weigh 63kgs and i am roughfly 165cms tall i am a normal but more on the thin side amd im wanting Double D... READ MORE

Is 550cc silicone too big to achieve the look I am going for?

I'm 5'5 and weigh about 145lbs and I'm scheduled to have my surgery at the end of March. I'm unsure as to what size to go with I'm currently a C cup... READ MORE

Downsizing for Large Implants and Saggy Breasts?

I had 330 cc's saline, McGhan, textured, anatomical implants for 12 years. This made me a small 32 C. I had them replaced 2 years ago. My breast size... READ MORE

I Had a BA Just Short of a Year Ago, Will Running Cause Them to Sag? I'm a 38DD and Used to a 34c. (photo)

I'm trying to improve my health by losing weight. I lost 60lbs three years ago and since my surgery with poor eating habits and stress of life just... READ MORE

Can I Receive Breast Implants While Being Overweight?

I am 5'10 and weigh about 260. I was recently diagnosed with hypothroidism. My question is would I still be a canadite for breast implants? If so... READ MORE

Breast implants 1 year post op. C to a DD. 3 kids prior to surgery. No lift. when I lean they look like cones! Why? (Photo)

Hi, I got my breast done nearly a year ago. I went to a DD and prior I was around C cup. I have had 3 kids prior to surrey with no lift. They don't... READ MORE

Will a Larger Implant Effect my Tattoo? Should It Be Placed Under the Muscle? (photo)

I will be using gummy bear implants (with a lift) and I wish to achieve a high round profile. I am aiming for a DD. I am currently a C cup. I was... READ MORE

Am I Getting the Right Size Implants?

Right Now Im a 34 Saggy C Cup! 125lb 5'3. I'm Getting Silicone 475cc Tomorrow What Will That Bring my Cup To? I want to make sure I'm... READ MORE

I Am 5'8", 145lbs, Breast Width is R14.5cm L14cm. Will MY Dr. Recommendation Get me a DD?

I am 5'8", 145lbs, 32C, and my breast width is R14.5cm L14cm. My PS recommended the Naturelle Style 10 silicone, which I believe is Moderate... READ MORE

How much CC to achieve a natural DD?

Hi I a, 5ft 5, 140 lbs. I am currently a C cup and want to be a natural DD. I don't want to be HUGE but rather normal, natural DD. I had my... READ MORE

According to the shape of my breast, what profile suits me best? (Photo)

I am 5'7 143 pounds. I am currently a small C in breast size and want to go a full DD. (375-450cc range) what profile will best fit my body type for a... READ MORE

What type of breast augmentation is my best option to get to a 32D/DD(pre-pregnancy size)? (photo)

I am about to hit the year mark since I've stopped breast feeding. My breast have slowly and continuously shrunk and now I maybe a 32C. I loved my... READ MORE

Breastfeed 5 Children: 5'5 @ 160lbs, currently C cup - Looking to get DD

Again I'm 5'5 at 160lbs 26yrs old mother of 5 I have an hour glass body, broad shoulders, in c cup now. I love big breast but what will the 650ml do... READ MORE

Need help deciding size and placement :) (photos)

I'm having trouble deciding on size and placement of my implants. I train fairly intensely with weights) 4-5 times a week and was wondering if the... READ MORE

Will 460 cc saline be enough to get what I want? (Photo)

I am currently a full 34 c cup. I just had a breast lift surgery 3 weeks ago and my implant surgery is In 3 weeks. I want the full round fake looking... READ MORE

I Am Having Breast Enlargement Done in January I Am a C and Want to Be a Dd Under Muscle or Over?

Surgeon said over muscle but everyone says under muscle is more natural but the surgeon seems convinced I will look fine over .... Tough decision READ MORE

PS recommends Ultra High Profile implants; Is this right for me? (Photos)

Please help, I'm scheduled for a life altering surgery in a month and fear a poor outcome. My PS recommends textured Mentor 480 cc Ultra High Profile... READ MORE

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