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Rules for Matching Breast Implant Diameter to BWD?

How closely do you try to match the diameter of the implant to measured BWD (Breast Width Diameter)? Within .5cm? 1.0cm? Do you ever go over, and if... READ MORE

Natrelle Style 45 HP for 12 BWD and 28 Inch Ribcage?

I had a consult with a PS who suggests Natrelle Style 45 HP 320 or 360 to go from a 32A to a 32 full C or small D. My breast width is 12 and my... READ MORE

11.7cm or 11.2cm Breast Implants for a 13cm BWD?

I'm going to be getting moderate profile silicone implants by Allergan combined with a periareolar lift. My doctor is going to use the dual plane... READ MORE

What is a Safe Range to Stay in when Matching the Diameter of a Breast Implant to Your Bwd?

When choosing a breast implant to match your bwd, how close do you have to be? Is there a range that is safe or recommended? Is going over 1 cm really... READ MORE

Does this look like lateral displacement or the early signs of bottoming out? (Photo)

I will be 9 weeks post OP Friday. My implants have looked pretty even for the most part up until here recently. My Left breast dropped significantly... READ MORE

Can I Have Larger Implants Without Having the Fake Look? (Photos)

I am 5'7", 125lb. I have a BWD of 11.9. Will 400cc HP Implants make me look fake? I tried on the sizers and found that I liked the 400 cc... READ MORE

Allergan Style 45 or Mentor UHP for Small BWD?

I have a narrow chest.My bwd is about 10cm and it has really limited my options.I want to go as big as I can.On my consult the PS recommended allergan... READ MORE

Natrelle Style 20 325cc or 350cc? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 42 mother of 2 kids. I'm 5'2 and weight 95 lbs. My BWD is 11.4. My surgery is tomorrow and I can't make decision to go with 325CC or 350CC.... READ MORE

32A 5'7 122lb, BWD 13cm, Long and narrow torso. Will 375cc high profile silicone unders get me to the size I want? (Photo)

I know mentioning cup size can be misleading so I am attaching a photo of me as I am now, and the size I would like (guessing it is a full c/baby d... READ MORE

What's the size and profile of implant whose BWD is 14cm and ribcage is 27? (Photo)

My BA is in a month and I'm freaking out now. My PS said I have very little breast tissue, bwd= 14, RC= 27, weight~ 118-120 lbs, height~ 5'9, and... READ MORE

Which size implant would you recommend? (Photo)

My PS has recommended extra high profile round silicone implants with subfascial placement. I'm agonising over choosing a size because I don't want... READ MORE

What will 500ccs or 550 ccs end up being? (photos)

My doctor recommended anywhere from 450 ccs - 550 ccs. I am 5'7" 145 lbs with a BWD is 13.8. I am not looking to go above the "typical" DD due to... READ MORE

500 to 550 HP to Big for Me? I'm 5'7 135lbs?

Hello, My PS is recommending that I do either a 500 or 550cc HP silicone implant. My BWD is 14 according to him but, I have been told by other PS's it... READ MORE

19 y/o, 5'5" 100lbs with 32A wanting full C small D; is 371cc too large? (Photos)

I already know (from my doctor) that 371cc is as large as I can go because my BWD I believe is 12in. But I don't want to be too small, however I don't... READ MORE

Moderate plus or high profile? 5'5" 120lbs 32A (Photo)

I am SO confused as to which profile implant i should choose! my surgery is in 4 days and i cannot schedule a time to meet with my surgeon because he... READ MORE

Beating myself up. I feel I may have went too small

Ive been beating myself up. I chose 339's & had BA 3 wks ago. I was a 34A preop, BWD 13.2, 5'2, 124ish lbs. my choices were between 339, 371, 397. I... READ MORE

I was told 339 ccs mod plus was all I could get, but I want 400ccs mod plus ... No less! (Photo)

I went to a consultation with a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation consult. I got measured and the surgeon said I can do 339 moderate plus only,... READ MORE

Did I pick an implant too wide? (photos)

I was torn between the 190cc and 220cc implant and had to make a rushed last minute decision before surgery. I went with the larger ones although I... READ MORE

I'm 5'6'' 160lbs, and size 10/12. I want 800cc which is over my Breast Width Diameter, is this safe?

I'm 5'6'' 160lbs, and am a size 10/12. After trying on all the different sizers, I want 800cc. The PS measured me at a bwd of 11.5. I've looked... READ MORE

Can installing an implant larger than 1cm of a BWD of 12.5cm result in severe complications or unwanted results? (Photo)

I've read the diameter of an implant cannot be more than 1cm of the BWD or risk serious complication like symmastia, rippling, excessive side boob and... READ MORE

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