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Edge of Implant Feels Like a Squishy Bump on Side of Breast

At 3.5 mos. post-op I felt a small bump on the side of my breast near my armpit, @ the time my implant dropped. I saw my GYN for my annual appt.2 wks... READ MORE

Large Bump After Breast Implants

I had breast implants and on the left one, there is now a bump, rather large, about 1 inch around that sticks up like a second nipple. I was thinking... READ MORE

Raised Bump Along Axillary Incision

I Had 350cc Silicone Breast Implants Placed Through an axillary incision 2 weeks ago. There is a raised bump right below & running the length of... READ MORE

Dent After Breast Implants

I had implants 3 years ago and they have been trying to correct what looked like a dent in clevage line. now its kinda sore constantly and the doctor... READ MORE

It's a Small pea size bump under the skin one week after breast implant- what is it?

Hi. I am a week Post op. I felt a small bump on my upper side breast. It's as a pea size probably smaller. It does not move out of place, nor it hurts... READ MORE

Weird Bump at Top of Breast 2 Years After Implants

500cc silicone gel implants after 2 years noticing a weird bump at the top of my breast...? 21y.o. breast aug 2yr ago. doctor decided 500cc 5'2 about... READ MORE

Dark, weird bump on my nipple (Photo)

I had very small silicone implants 2 years ago. I had nipple incision and it didn't heal that well. I usually shave the hair around my nipples, I know... READ MORE

I have recently detected a bump in my breast implant after 7 years, what could it be?

After showering, I felt on my breast and felt a bump that I had never felt before. It is not very large and does not protrude. It can be felt right... READ MORE

Breast implant sitting too high? (Photo)

My left breast implant seems to be sitting much higher than the right. The right breast is slowly taking shape with the nipple raised whilst the left... READ MORE

Breast Implant Contracture question

I am one year s/p 350cc implants. My right breast has a palpable "bump" that feels like the implant. It is "squishy" similar to silicone and not firm... READ MORE

Palpable implant/bump on one breast? Will this change once it drops? I'm 3,5 weeks post BA. Obvious hump/ridge that's palpable?

Palpable bump almost feels likes a bubble on inner and outer edge of breast. Basically you can see the bump along the cleavage side in certain... READ MORE

Slightly Noticeable bump on the putter right side of my implant. Should I worry ? (photos)

So basically I got my break augmentation about a year ago and started noticing a slight bump/fold on the putter side of my right breast ... I went and... READ MORE

I have had breast implants for 14 years. I have a raised bump on right breast. Could my implant be leaking?

Over the last year I have become ill. I have extreme abdominal pain and nasusea everyday. Doctors have ran every test. It just occurred to me, is it a... READ MORE

Could I have a fold in my silicone implant? Straight on the side, spot that pops in and out with excess pain (Photos)

So I got 650 cc silicone implants put in through the areola, behind the muscle, about 5 days ago. The right breast is dropping and has minimal pain.... READ MORE

What is this bump along the top of my incision? (Photo)

I have this big bump a tad above my insision going horizontal just like my insision. What could it be? Scar tissue? Allergic reaction to the tap? It's... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post op. I have a slight concave on left breast and a little bump right next to concave. Should I worry? (Photo)

Only sleeping on back at an angle. My right was more swollen and had more fluid, now it's all gone and has settled. Left seems to be higher and more... READ MORE

Approx 9 weeks PO. Gel silicone 415cc sub muscular. There's a strange hard nodule like bump below the incision. (Photo)

So iv noticed over the past few weeks that theres a weird lump inside my breast below my incision. When i push on it, it recedes back into the breast,... READ MORE

Saline filled cohesive gel impants under muscle (incision underarm) 3 days ago:Sharp pain under R breast-same area as small lump

Noticed slight bump under R breast day after surgery (liquid feel) that I can slightly move. Having sporadic/unbearable sharp shooting pains in the... READ MORE

11 days post op, left boob has a bump and is settling faster than the right? (Photo)

11 Days post op, left boob has a little bump in the bottom of breast & is setteling faster than right ? Doctor said everything lookes fine , I would... READ MORE

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