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Will Breast Implant Surgery Have a Negative Effect on Pregnancy?

I want to have breast implants done to correct my uneven breasts. My husband and i were also planning on having another baby in about 6 months. Can i... READ MORE

Will Breast Implant Incision Affect Milk Production?

I am 5'11, roughly 210 Ibs with smaller breasts than an A-cup. I am extremely uncomfortable in my own skin and have very low self confidence. I... READ MORE

Months After Discontinuing Breast Feeding Breasts Still Produce Milk, What Options Do I Have For Breast Implants?

Breastfed 6 children (17 yrs).Weaned 2 yr old on L-9 months & R-7 months ago.I have Pseudo on L & grade 1 R. Went in for breast surgery in... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Breastfeed if I Have Breast Implants?

I heard that sometimes the silicone leaks and if that were to ever happen would it get into my breast milk? READ MORE

Why am I lactating 3 weeks post BA?? NOT pregnant, never been, no tumor, no prior breast issues. (photo)

When my PS took off my incision strips and showed massage technique, he pointed out that I was lactating, said not to worry, but never explained WHY... READ MORE

Is There a Any Surgical Procedure to Stop the Production of Breast Milk to Save the Look of my Implants?

Hello, Doctors. I am 22 yrs. old I am considering breast augmentation the only thing holding me back is the effects pregnancy has on the breast is... READ MORE

How Long to See Results of Accolate and Bromocryptine?

My surgeon just prescribed Accolate and Bromocryptine to stop milk production and soften breast. How long before I should see any results if the... READ MORE

Silicone from breast implants into breast milk, is it possible? (photo)

Hello. I've had silicone breast implants ( polytech) for 4 years. I have been breastfeeding for 9 months, I've used breast pumps and I carry my baby a... READ MORE

Milk accumulating in augmented breast pocket - why, how to stop it?

I'm 34, healthy, 5' 8"/115 lbs, 2 kids breastfed. On 04/17 I had a BA, 550cc silicone unders. At 10 days PO my R breast was much larger than L, too... READ MORE

I just basically want to know what my problem sounds like Cost to repair suggestions ???

Nine to ten years ago I had a breast augmentation I did 425cc 4to5 years later I became pregnant my milk came in was very painful and I noticed that... READ MORE

I have milk in my breast can I still have a breast lift with implants?

I've had breast milk for 20 years & milk just sits there. Seen a surgeon, endocrinologist, had a mammogram everything came back fine. I was given the... READ MORE

I want to have implants & lift. I've also had milk for quite some time- but not sure of it safe?

Hi I saw photos of a Dr draining milk out of a female's breast who wanted to have implants. She had milk in her breast for a few yrs. Do you go to a... READ MORE

I'm considering silicone breast implants. However, I have galactorreah, a cyst and breast cancer in my family.

I have a cyst in my breast , it has been checked several times and its benign. However, my breast also produce milk when squeezed, although I've... READ MORE

Tuberous breast question: If I decide to get fat grafting instead of an implant, would this possibly help produce more milk?

Hi there. I'm 18 and thinking about getting surgery to correct my tuberous (hypoplastic) breasts. I've read that there will be little to no milk... READ MORE

What would cause breast milk production five years after finishing breastfeeding?

My daughter finished breastfeeding her son five years ago. She also had breast augmentation after that but she is still producing milk five years... READ MORE

I had Breast Implants 3yrs ago and I have pain and numbness. What is causing this and what should I do?

I had breast implants 3yrs ago and I've been feel pain and numbness. I have silicon implants could they be the cause? Also I had a baby 6 months ago,... READ MORE

I am producing milk & I have implants. What could be the cause of this and how can I fix it?

I had breast implants a year ago, during my surgery my doctor had to express milk that I had produced. Now a year later, i have a caspule & im still... READ MORE

Can retromuscular breast implant alter the architecture of the breast/glandular tissue?

With retromuscular breast implants (300 cc) having an original A cup (breast surgery done 8 years ago), can the breast implant alter the architecture... READ MORE

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