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Sports Bra and Tighter Bra After Breast Implants?

I'm post-op breast augmentation from a 34AA to full C (400cc). I want to know how long do you wear a sports bra and would a tighter one be best... READ MORE

Underwire Bra and Breast Implants, Safe?

I have have saline implants for nearly 1yr. Is it ok to wear underwire bras at this point? Just recently I am finding it painful ...obviously,if it... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Buy New Bras After Breast Implants?

I am 4 1/2 weeks out from surgery and loving my new boobs!!! I am sooo tired of these sports bras though and wondering how long before I should start... READ MORE

How Important is It to Wear my Surgical Bra?

I am currently 10 days post op and have been told by my doctor to wear my surgical bra for up to 6 weeks. I currently am only wearing it at night as... READ MORE

Sleep Bra for Support After Breast Implants and Lift?

After having Breast implants and breast lift, would you recommend using a sleep bra for extra support? Is so, do you recommend a particular one? READ MORE

Going Bra-less After Implants?

Is a Bra Required to Be Worn Threw out Having Implants? READ MORE

What's the Best Sleeping Position for Someone with Breast Implants?

Is it normal for breast implants to fall to the side when I lie on my back? For example when I get up in the morning they seem to be further apart.... READ MORE

Should I Wear a Sleep Bra at Night to Keep Breast Implants in Position?

I'm 4 months post-op with 450cc Saline unders. Should I sleep in a bra to keep the implants in position? I'm afraid that sleeping on my side or back... READ MORE

Why Do Some Surgeons Say No Push Up Bra's for 6 Months, but Mine Says You Can Wear What You Want After 6 Weeks?

I am about 5 weeks post op. 325 cc in right breast and 350 in the left. I wanted them to be larger. Now, I feel like I am in the same boat again -... READ MORE

1 Month Post Op, my Implants Have Hardly Dropped, Should I Go Braless??

I had 600cc smooth round cohesive mentor HP under the muscle 4 weeks ago. They are not dropping and the upper pole is still very full, the lower is... READ MORE

Are my Implants Being Damaged by Purposefully Wearing a Tight Bra?

I wear a bra(underwire) that is purposely too small with two sportsbras ontop when I run to avoid bouncing. Lately I've had awful awful indentions... READ MORE

Post Breast Lift/Implant. When Can I Wear Underwire Bra, and the Most Effective Treatment for Scars?

I had a full lift with implants when is it ok to wear a underwire bra and also and what has been found to be the most effective product or treatment... READ MORE

Will Going Braless Cause Ur Implants to Sag After a Long Time?

I heard that u don't have to wear all the time after u get implants but would that not cause them to sag sooner? Or will it matter much? READ MORE

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save?

I Have Submusculer Implant 4 Months Ago During Sex I Do Alot of Movment Without Bra is That Save? READ MORE

Breasts Are Sagging After Implants - Will Exercise Help?

I didnt wear a bra after my BA and now my breast sit low and sag, can i work out to repair this?  After I got my BA I stopped wearing any... READ MORE

Breast Implants + Having Sex Without a Bra Will Cause Sagging?

I am 5 mnths post-op and had 375cc´s put in under the muscle. I followed all the instructions, and am very happy with my result. Me and my boyfriend ... READ MORE

What Type of Bra Can I Wear After Breast Augmentation?

My Dr. didn't explain much to me, can i wear sport bra or any wireless bra that's not too tight and comfortable? Is Genie bra ok? my size are 400cc... READ MORE

Is It Too Late for a Bra Strap to Force an Implant Down After 3 1/2 Weeks? (photo)

T had Naterelee silicone implants implanted on April 26. It is May 26 is it to late for a capsule to form arounfd the implants. When I weara bra strap... READ MORE

Why Do my Breasts Hurt when I Wear a Padded Bra? (photo)

I am 3 months post op 425 silicone memory gel implants from a 34b. Why does it hurt when I try to wear any kind of padded bra? Without any bra, it... READ MORE

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