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Am I botched? (Photo)

I am now 4 months post op 550 high profile saline implants . One of my breast looks fantastic but my right breast has had complications such as lost... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rupture After a Revision Lipo - Safe to Undergo More Surgery?

I had botched vaser lipo back in October and an unsuccessful revision surgery only about a month and a half ago. well, no joke, my 12 year old breast... READ MORE

Is the new asymmetry of my breasts a botched surgery or just how I was born?

Hello! I've had surgery about 3 or 4 months ago now. And have become very self conscious about the outcome as the implants sit at different heights. I... READ MORE

Should I have both explanted? If I leave the one, will I ever have symmetry? Are my pockets too big? I feel botched! (Photo)

I have had a double breast infection that started about 9 days after my BA. I have had my scars excised twice on one breast and once on the other as... READ MORE

Breast indentation (Photo)

I'm 4 months post op on April 8, and have had a rough time with my entire experience so far. From them being way too big for me and having to wait the... READ MORE

Are my implants botched? How to ensure "natural" looking drop after extremely tight postop bandage at center of breast? (Photos)

4dys post breast implants.. silicone, low projection, under muscle, crease incision. My implants look botched. My natural boobs are pointing down,... READ MORE

Is my left implant ruptured or botched? (Photos)

Why does my left implant look this way? I can not feel the outline of the implant when I massage . As you can see it is not as round or look even . My... READ MORE

Do my implants look normal for being 6 months post-op? How can I fade stretch marks faster? I am still doing massages (Photo)

I got a breast augmentation 6 months ago 400cc moderate+ My right implant looks like it is indented & my nipples are not even close to being... READ MORE

If I get 700cc implants over the muscle, will I end up botched?

Hi after my second consultation with my surgeon he has told me that he can't put my implant under the muscle because the implant is to big, I know... READ MORE

Botched surgery. Should I remove the implant or do another surgery?

I have implant over the muscle.My surgeron insisted to do overs.I have dimple in my left breast,my implant falling towards my armpit.I have pain and... READ MORE

I had a small A cup before my son. Are my wish pictures possible? (Photos)

I don't want a lift! I'm fine sagging look. I just want them filled up. I know my nipple would end up a bit lower but I really love this look in these... READ MORE

What is wrong with my implant? I am 13 weeks post breast augmentation. 520 ccs saline implants. (photos)

One implant dropped beautifully and the incision is right in the crease. The other implant looks botched and the incision is not in the crease. I have... READ MORE

Breasts pointing sideways, is this a botched boob job? (Photos)

Hi, I got teardrop implants size 360cc for both breasts, at this stage I am getting really upset looking at the results. I am small built, my base is... READ MORE

Inframammary scar effecting breast growth and weight settling?

I had a botched boob job and had implants bottom out. My inframammary scar healed, but will the scar allow my breasts to gain weight evenly? The fat... READ MORE

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