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Signs of Leaking Breast Implants

I've had my breast implants for about 4 years.  When I lie down my implants sometimes feel like a misshapen, hard lump.  I can also feel the... READ MORE

Are 300cc Silicone Breast Implants Too Big for a Petite, A Cup Woman?

Will getting 300cc high profile silicone breast implants be too big or fake-looking on my body? The implants will be under the muscle. My... READ MORE

200cc Silicone Breast Implants for Petite but Muscular Frame?

I'm only 5' 1", I do body-figure competitions so I'm fairly lean but muscular. I wear a 32A bra which I don't even fill! My doctor only wants to... READ MORE

Moving Silicone Breast Implants?

I can feel my Silicone Breast Implants move around a lot as I move. I'm post op of 2 years. They're under the muscle and they've been moving around a... READ MORE

Where Will I Have Scars After Breast Enhancement Surgery?

I want breast implants, but I don't want obvious scars.  Do I have a choice regarding where the incisions are made? READ MORE

What if I Don't Like my New Breast Implants?

I am seriously considering a breast augmentation, but what if I don't like the way the implants look after surgery?  Can the breast implants be... READ MORE

Is a 660cc High Profile Implants Right for Me?

I am 5'10" and I weigh 220 pounds. I am very well built with wide shoulders and wide chest. My current bra size is 42A and they look "empty... READ MORE

Breast Implant Recommendation for Taller and Broader Woman?

What would you recommend for taller women with a larger size ribcage in the way of Breast implant shape, placement, profile, etc? Is a result with... READ MORE

Is Something Wrong with my Breast Implants?

I have a rash that started in the corners of my eyes and on the underside of both breast. By the second day, it is all over my head, neck, trunk,... READ MORE

I think my implants are too big for my body? (Photo)

I'm 5'2 and 105 pounds and I recently got 500cc saline implants under the armpit and they feel so huge and heavy and now I'm having really bad back... READ MORE

How can I avoid this look? (Photo)

What makes her boobs look like balls stuck on there. Profile? cc's? Her body type? I'm 5'7, 120 lbs and fairly flat. Just a little worried about this... READ MORE

What size implants would fit my body type? (photos)

I'm taking the steps to get a breast augmentation but would really love to have some doctors opinions first. After kids my breast went to a small flat... READ MORE

Can Capsular Contractor Effect Any Other Part of the Body Once You Have Gotten It with Your Implants?

I had capsular contractor. It was corrected in 2005 with surgery. I am not wondering if the capsular contractor can effect any other part of the body... READ MORE

I'm really concerned about the toxic load a silicone implant can put on the body over the years. Should I be?

Is this a real concern and are there any proactive measures one can take to protect the body from these chemicals? READ MORE

What works best with my frame 138 pounds 5"8. (photos)

Size of cup 13.5cm my left boob is 15 to 30 cc difference. Looking for a second opinion. I'm tall Athletic build do not want to have a huge... READ MORE

I'm wanting a opinion on HP or Mod + and what size for my petite body type. I would like to be a full C possibly low D. (photo)

I'm 5"1 and 115 lbs (A+ on Left & B- on right). I have 1 child. I'm wanting to get smooth silicone gel implants. I would like natural full... READ MORE

What looks proportionate for my body type? Gummy bear implants? (photos)

Giving the information and me getting a second or third opinion. Would you as experts believe that in the larger breast 340cc and 360cc in the... READ MORE

360cc enough to go from 34a to full c or d cup with saline implant moderate profile?5'8,130lbs-34-26-36. (Photos)

I got fitted for implants and my PS said 330 cc will fit me well , I also got fitted for 360cc and liked that look better. I have been looking at... READ MORE

Which cup is better according to my body frame?

I am 24 years old, I am 5'3"ft tall and I weight 123lbs. I am considering a boob job, I am 34 B right now, which cup is better for my body frame?? Is... READ MORE

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