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How Do I Know my Doctor is Board Certified?

Im about to have a breast augmentation with a doctor who has great reviews but how can i search if he is board certified. Excuse my ignorance, but... READ MORE

Follow up question to is 500cc too large - Is recovery harder with a larger implant?

(additional Details) The plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic... READ MORE

Is a Surgeon Who is Not Board Certified a Good Idea?

A friend won a boob job in a radio station promotion. The surgeon that will be performing the procedure is not certified by the ABPS (I checked) but... READ MORE

Ethical Considerations for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons?

After asking a question on this site I did visit a board certified plastic surgeon and after discussing my wishes, he refused because of "ethical... READ MORE

Are saline implants a good choice for me? (Photos)

I have been wanting BA for over 10 years. I am 27 now and have been deadset on silicone implants and the doctor who I chose and whose work I admired... READ MORE

Any suggestions on boob jobs / breast implants?

Some women told me they were in quite a lot of pain after having there breasts done for weeks and weeks well after the surgery. Other women told me... READ MORE

Is my surgeon listening to my wants for my breast implants? (photos)

Ive had 2 consultations with my surgeon. Hes a board-certified plastic surgeon & has been doing this for 43 years. However when i asked him what... READ MORE

What would be best implant size for my breast width? Don't want them far apart, I have nice cleavage & want it to stay! (Photo)

I went and saw a certified board PS and he said my BW is 15cm and I ha e about 150cc of my own tissue. He said I have a good selection of choice... READ MORE

My surgeon recommended 520 or 600cc implants. Is that too big in your opinion for my frame? (Photos)

I had a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in my area. They have the vectra immaging system. They placed 600 and 520cc on the image.... READ MORE

925cc saline, both. One higher, tighter, smaller. W/arms raised, nipple area skin is loose unfilled in. Is this normal? (Photos)

5' 11, size 16. Bigger girl. 11 weeks post op. 925cc submuscular saline. Previously was a floppy A/B cup. L breast always 'bigger'. Surgeon is board... READ MORE

How to know what was put inside of your body? Why would a doctor NOT mention implant warranty?

I had surgery here in NYC by a board certified plastic surgeon thinking that was safest. I think my breast is leaking but that is not reasonable since... READ MORE

Can asymmetric inframammary fold be evened out while I'm getting my breast implants? Will I need 2 sized implants? (Photos)

Can/should my assymetric inframammary fold be evened out while I'm getting my breast augmentation? Does it appear I will need two different size... READ MORE

Silicone implants moved, what should I do? (Photo)

Ok, the new implants were silicone an d the new one are also silicone., what happened is left implant moved over to right so I have two on the right... READ MORE

How do I find a plastic surgeon in Germany that is qualified to do breast implants?

Does board certification exist for plastic surgeons in Germany? I want to make sure to go to someone who is both safe and qualified. READ MORE

Breast Implants Over Or Under Which Is Better?

Does under muscle prevent the breast implants from sagging? I am searching for a board certified surgeon that specializes in breast implants that will... READ MORE

Deflated Pip breast implant used by a board certified plastic surgeon in the United States?

I had a BA in 2000 with saline implants in San Francisco I recently noticed the left was deflated. I returned to the same Board Certified Surgeon who... READ MORE

Is BAAPS the equivalent to ISAPS and SICPRE?

Hi, I'm from the UK and have had a consultation for breast augmentation. Prior to my consultation I was advised to make sure my surgeon is member of... READ MORE

I had breast implants 2 weeks ago and my surgeon said I could use a riding mower and weed eater if it didn't bother me. Advice?

He said no lifting for five weeks but I think using a riding mower and weed eater rather contradictory. . Said I could run in three weeks. What's your... READ MORE

Implant Brand Preference: Is it better to go with what the surgeon typically works with?

My Board Certified PS prefers Mentor Brand Implants but I have read slightly better things about Sentra implants. He offers to order the other brand... READ MORE

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