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Is it normal to notice blood accumulating on steri strips covering inframammary incisions 4 days after implant surgery? (Photo)

I had 300cc placed under the muscle through inframammary incisions. I noticed my steristrips have accumulated more blood over the last couple days.... READ MORE

1 week post op 450cc under muscle - abnormal swelling? Really hurts! Doc says pool of blood? (Photo)

Hematoma?? Seroma??? Swelling ???? Very painful and I'm very concerned! Doc says he will drain it in 5 days if does not go away... I did have drainage... READ MORE

Is a little bit of blood leakage normal 2 days after surgery to remova hematoma?

Yesterday I noticed a very small spot of bood on my gauze and a few more next to it. Is this normal after having my dr remove the hematoma, wash out... READ MORE

I had a BA 3 weeks ago. After, I noticed that I find spotting of blood and some yellowish substance - pus, maybe (Photo)

Today i started feeling some sharp pain from time to time and the i noticed like a small pinpoing opening with a small swelling near it . i contacted... READ MORE

Is a cat scratch enough to puncture an implant? (photos)

My indoor cat scratched my upper right breast. I'm 9 months post op with hp under the muscle. It broke the surface of my skin and you can see blood... READ MORE

Is this the start of nipple necrosis or is this normal for healing 7 days post op? (Photos)

Worried about my incision sights looking black. Can't tell if it's dry blood or start of nipple necrosis I had the lollipop lift on my left nipple and... READ MORE

Spitting suture? Does this look infected? (Photos)

I am a month and a half post op - BA(saline)/BL(vertical) . I have these two holes from where the suture ?knots? Were exposed, they both came out,... READ MORE

I have blood fluid between my breast implant. Can it become capsule contracture if it's not drained? (Photos)

I went to do ultrasound and show that I have a significant amount of blood fluid on my left breast implant. It hurt very bad and I can't even sleep my... READ MORE

After 2 weeks of breast implants I got really bad bruise and open cut with black blood - very worried. (photo)

Who in the Houston area can see me please?? Since my surgery was in Mexico I had my app days later and everthing was closed and clean. Now I delvolped... READ MORE

One breast way more swollen. I'm worried that maybe there's fluid or blood building up?

One of my breasts feels a lot more swollen and hard than the other. The other one hasn't hurt and it already feels pretty normal. The more swollen one... READ MORE

Are my incisions infected? (Photos)

I had my Brest implant surgery one week ago today, (in the crease) yesterday was the first time I looked at my incisions and I started to panic. I... READ MORE

Is it normal that my drain tube stopped on the 5th day post surgery? (Photo)

It's Saturday so my doctors office is closed I have had my drain tube since Tuesday afternoon after surgery on my left breast I had a capsular... READ MORE

I think that I might have an infection, something is not right. (Photos)

On March 1st, I got Saline under the muscle/Breast crease incision breast implants. On March 5th I noticed a little bump on my left breast. This bump... READ MORE

Hematoma 18 days after operation resulting in blood coming out of the stitches. What happens next?

I have recently had surgery and had a hematoma 18 days after the operation which has resulted in blood coming out of the stitches. I have seen my... READ MORE

Silicone implants placed on April 25, 2016. How can I look up the serial numbers and see for myself if they are even the same?

Had surgery on the 25th and had to be rushed to er due to hemotoma. Got my right implant removed and blood drained and the doctor ruptured my implant... READ MORE

Why is my left breast implant bigger than my right breast? I had surgery this July 10th, 2016?

PLS..I need a advice here;I'm from philippines and I took my surgery here in Chiang mai;Thailand.My Doc.say she need to drain it for 4 days and now... READ MORE

I am looking for breast implants, but it would have to be in a hospital due to a blood disorder.

Looking to increase bust from a B cup to a D cup. Due to a blood disorder my hematologist may require a hospital. Are there any surgeons in the... READ MORE

6 days post op. Transaxillary under muscle. Nurse struggled pulling blood pump out on left arm. Have rashes on both arms (Photo)

Is the band the reason for my rash? Doc said it's the polysporin. What can I do to minimize healing? I heard about silicone sheets & scarguard? I've... READ MORE

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