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What's the Best Sleeping Position for Someone with Breast Implants?

Is it normal for breast implants to fall to the side when I lie on my back? For example when I get up in the morning they seem to be further apart.... READ MORE

What Are the Different Types of Silicone Implants?

Im going to my pre-op appointment in a few days and my breast augmentation surgery/tubular breast correction is in a couple weeks. I have decided that... READ MORE

Best Breast Implant For Weight Loss, Excess Breast Tissue?

I lost a lot of breast tissue after weight loss. What type of implant is best? I have recently lost a little weight and am now 114 lbs. I am healthy... READ MORE

What is Considered Proportionate Breast Implants for Me?

I am thinking very heavily about getting breast augmentation. I'm 20 years old, 115 lbs, and 5'3. I'm a 32 A or small B right now. what... READ MORE

Best Implants for Exercising?

There are so many different complications recently,now i am going to have my surgery and im gettin nervous.Im torn between getting my silicon implants... READ MORE

I Am a 6'1" Athletic M2f. Which Sort Implant is More Durable to a Sport Like Rowing.

I am a 6'1" athletic m2f. Which sort implant is more durable to a sport like rowing. READ MORE

How much are breast implants in Dallas?

What exactly are the best ones to get? READ MORE

What are the side view options for breast implants? (photos)

I am 5'2, 108 lbs, 34b and want light weight, squishy, natural looking breast implants that won't create a disgusting, unnatural looking gap in the... READ MORE

What Size Implants Would Be Best?

One breast is a small C while the other is an ok sized D READ MORE

What is the most recommended breast implant?

I'm having a breast implant done, but don't know which is best or recommended? Thank you READ MORE

Want 36B-36C. I'm 5'4 135lb 20 with No kids. Any recommendations? (photo)

What would be the best procedure for me and how much would it cost? READ MORE

Which breast implant is best for me. How many cc will you consider for someone my height and weight? (Photos)

I am considering getting a breast implant. I am 4'11 and weight 127. I want a natural looking breast. My current bra size is a 34B. My ideal cup side... READ MORE

Do I absolutely need a lift for best results? (Photos)

BA booked in 12 weeks, do I need a lift? I didn't save the money for a lift :( can I get my 500cc textured silicone implant and still look good... READ MORE

Which size suits my frame the best? (photos)

I want to stay as natural looking as possible but still create the illusion of a smaller waist/hour glass figure. I'm terrified of going too large and... READ MORE

Saline or Silicone, what would be best for my height and frame? (Photo)

I've had several consultations and have finally booked my surgery. I just keep going back and forth between saline and silicone. I'm currently 5'8,... READ MORE

What profile would suit me the best for breast implants? (Photos)

I am considering breast augmentation and I'm not sure what profile of breast implant would look best on my body type without it looking unnatural. I'm... READ MORE

Whats the best silicone implant brand in the world?

Dear Doctors in your opinion, whats the best brand in the world for silicones? in terms of safety, guarantee, feel, quality etc grazie READ MORE

How do I decide the best breast implant for me? I am 4' 11" 90lbs. 34b. I shop in youth sizes for clothing to fit. (photo)

I want to fill out a bikini better and be able to wear sexy clothing. Is it better that I get high profile or moderate? READ MORE

High profile or moderate + ? What's best for body shape? (photo)

I'm torn between which one is best for my body shape. I don't want them looking round at the top, I want a natural looking slope. I don't want it to... READ MORE

Lift breasts and add more shape!? (Photos)

I'm a 19 year old female and I'm looking to lift my breasts drastically. One side droops lower than the other. Not only am I looking to lift but I... READ MORE

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