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Lateral Displacement of Right Breast 4 Months Post-Op Benelli Lift, What are my Options? (photo)

4 and a half months ago i had breast augmentation with a benelli lift, i had 325 R and 300 in the left. Right from the start there were noticeable... READ MORE

Should I Remove Implant All Together or Revise to a Smaller Implant?

Before BA I was a small D cup. I had a benelli lift, areola redu. & saline implant. I expressed a strong concern to my PS that I did NOT want them... READ MORE

Is a Benelli Breast Lift Necessary or Would I Look Alright with Just Breast Implants

Im getting breast implants but my PC tells me it would look better with a breast lift around the areola. Im only 20 but my breasts are kind of droopy... READ MORE

Is Beneli an Option?

I had 300 saline Mods put in. I was a deflated B. During pregnancy I was a D. My Dr. suggested slightly larger implants, but I didnt want to be too... READ MORE

With a Benelli Lift, Will the Implant Be Placed in Through the Same Incision?

I will be getting an augmentation with benelli lift and was wondering if it was typical to insert the implant through the benelli incision. READ MORE

Is 650cc too large to stay if having a wedge/anchor lift?

I had a benelli w/ 650 cc hp 6 mo ago, now I have a lot if sagging and the dr is redoing the surgery. He's keeping me at 650 but doing a wedge/anchor... READ MORE

Do I need a lift or will implants alone be enough to give me the fullness I'm lacking post breast feeding? (photos)

I was recommended a benelli lift with 310cc or 345cc textured round sub muscular. I want to look as natural as possible and really not keen on the... READ MORE

What Should I Do if my PS Wants to Do a Revision when BOTH Nip Sutures Came Unraveled with Benelli Within 2 Months of Surgery?

I am having a revision bc one nipples benelli suture came undone and nipple is huge. which PS said was rare, now my other nipple is unraveling. I am 4... READ MORE

Possible to achieve round-full shape only with implants? (photos)

Hello, i wish to achieve similar results in photo (the firs 2photos - actual breast,3,4 - wish), a round full look with brast implants, i have had an... READ MORE

What is the best course of action for breast augmentation with a very short areola to inframammary crease distance?

I am 5'3'', 120 lbs with an A cup and have very tight areola to inframammary crease distance - around 2.5-3 cm. Two doctors have told if they put an... READ MORE

5'8", 190lbs. Donut lift (Benelli) and 600cc implant. Good choice?

My surgery is scheduled for the 26th of this month and I am set for a periauriolar lift with implants. My surgeon recommended a 550cc but said I could... READ MORE

Do I have ptosis phase 1? Is a benelli lift the answer for my case? If so, why did I get it post op? (Photo)

Had 400 cc submuscular BA 6 months ago and not happy with the result. Am not able to walk around without a bra as supposed to and completely depressed... READ MORE

I feel like maybe I should talk to my PS about getting the lollipop lift? (Photo)

As the date gets closer I still feel very confused about my lift I have chosen (beneli) I am currently a b/ c cup I am going with 492cc implants... READ MORE

In your opinion: is it possible to get a result like this for me? thank you for your answer:)) (Photo)

I would love to have breast similar to this one :)) Now i know i need a lifting bellini with at lease 425 cc implant . But is it possible to get a... READ MORE

Breast implants without lift? (Photo)

I am planning on getting breast implants in the following months, I want to go from size B to D, but my surgeon has recommended that I do a benelli... READ MORE

Will it heal normal? (Photo)

Hi I am 2 days post op implant and Benelli. I'm pretty bruised and the Doctor said the dents from the sutchers will heal. Does this look normal READ MORE

Am I a benelli lift candidate? (Photo)

After reading through a lot of doctor responses on the Benelli/doughnut lift, it is clear that no concensus has been reached among the plastic surgery... READ MORE

Which implant would be best for me? Should I also do a benelli lift? (Photos)

My PS has recommended Natrelle Inspira implants 485cc. He will be doing a lateral incision inside to realease some breast tissue. He said doing a... READ MORE

When to use stretchmark cream or oil for breast augmentation?

It's the day after my breast augmentation and I wanted to know how soon I can use scar or stretchmark creams/lotions or even like oils? I want to keep... READ MORE

Breasts implants flat and high. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am almost 8 weeks post BA and benelli lift ( I wanted an areola reduction). Unsure exactly what size and profile implant I had as my surgeon refuses... READ MORE

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