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I am Thin but I Want Subglandular Implants. Is This a Bad Idea?

I am very thin with little breast tissue, but desire subglandular silicone implants, mostly because I am afraid of the pain and object to the idea of... READ MORE

What to Do with Bad Results from Breast Implants?

I am a year and a half years post-op. I recently went to my surgeon and found out that my implants have bottomed out. My scars are keloided and about... READ MORE

Breast Implant / Uplift Gone Wrong

I had a breast uplift/implant 6 weeks ago.on my left breast the whole of the areola has come away from my nipple.its leaving a big hole all the way... READ MORE

Unhappy w/ Results. How Long Should I Wait for a Redo?

I Got Sub Muscular High Profile Saline Breast Implants 3 Months Ago.My PS Put in 215ccs in through inframammary incison 3 months ago.Iam disssatisfied... READ MORE

1-yr Post Op Lift w/Implants. Poor Results. Revision but Scared of 2nd Capsular Contracture

I'm scheduled for a revision next month. My lift with silicone implants subglandual resulted with severe capsular contracture on left breast. Dr... READ MORE

I want to get breast implants, would the extreme heat from welding be bad for the implants?

I am a welder and am exposed to extreme heat while working on a daily basis. READ MORE

After 2 weeks of breast implants I got really bad bruise and open cut with black blood - very worried. (photo)

Who in the Houston area can see me please?? Since my surgery was in Mexico I had my app days later and everthing was closed and clean. Now I delvolped... READ MORE

I had breast Aug/nipple lift on Oct 4...Dec. 6 a capsulotomy and scar revision. One nip is not healed, itchy, blisters? Help? (P

What can I do to fix nip and other capsulotomy breast that still looks bad? I sent pics to doc but have not heard back is Christmas and I am... READ MORE

Can I get silicone implants? Are saline bad?

I'm getting a breast augmentation at age 18. Will I be able to get silicone implants since I'm not 21? I've heard saline are bad is this true? READ MORE

Is wearing a push up bra everyday bad if you've had breast augmentation?

I read it somewhere that it's bad for the implants if you wear push up bra EVERYDAY if you've had breast aug. Is this true? And how soon can you wear it? READ MORE

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