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What Are Symptoms of Bacterial Infection on Breast Implants?

I had textured saline implants put in about 20 months ago. The implant shifted and I went back to surgery 5 days later, experiencing fever, chills,... READ MORE

Can Fungus or Bacteria Grow Inside a Breast Implant?

I heard a web report of bacterial or fungal growth in a saline implant. Can this happen with mentor silicone breast implants? READ MORE

Probiotics before surgery?

Hi I'm scheduked for surgery in a few days Tuesday 4/14/15. I know that constipation can be a big problem I wanted to get a head start with probiotics... READ MORE

The book The Naked Truth About Breast Implants From Harm to Healing. Is it true that implants are toxic?

I am curious about the book The Naked Truth About Breast Implants: From Harm to Healing by Susan E. Kolb. It seems to be the only book I have found... READ MORE

Does Bacteria in Saline Implants Show Up in Mammograms?

My yearly mammograms show one of my saline implants to be opague and the other one clear. Does this indicate bacteria in one of them? The opaque one... READ MORE

How likely would I have mold and bacteria inside my saline breast implants of 11 years?

I plan on getting my saline implants surgically drained by my dr and I've read about mold and bacterial growth. and I'm afraid I'll get really sick.... READ MORE

Scared of Lung Cancer or Bacteria from 15 Year Old Implants, Can the Implants Release Toxins?

I have had saline implants for 15 yrs,and I notice under the right breast my bone or cartlidge that meets up with the sternum is very tender, I also... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Breast Implant, I have a throat infection. If it's bacterial infection do I need to eat a different antibiotics?

I'm currently 3 week post op. Yesterday I got a severe throat infection, and fever. Doctor said its too early to say if it's bacteria or virus. I've... READ MORE

I have Lupus which doesn't run in my family history. Could I be sick from my Breast Implants?

I have saline filled implants and want to know if maybe I could be sick from my implants. Possibly bacteria? Implants put in in 2004 transumbilical.... READ MORE

Scared please help!! Bacteria infection. What is going on?

I got my implants Dec. 2/15 and it's been a nightmare. Got seromas in both sides at 3 weeks post op. Had drains in. They were removed 2 weeks later... READ MORE

Why so many complications? Should I go to new doctor? Why? What's happening? (Photo)

BMX Jan .., Jan 25 a fold in breast turned necrotic & infection with hospitalization & surgery. Feb incision opened up 2 weeks later Surgery... READ MORE

I rinsed my JP bulb and now I'm worried bacteria will crawl inside me, can that happen? (Photo)

Please help me, I'm having a panic attack . My JP Bulb was looking a little dirty and I slightly rinsed it out with water and... READ MORE

I have had my saline breast implants since 2004. Is it possible I am experiencing some sort of toxicity from the implants?

I have been having pain/discomfort around my left implant which includes radiating tingling/slight numbness/weakness down my left arm and discomfort... READ MORE

Breast implant exposure......

Have any doctors ever come across acinetobacter baumannii complex being found in a breast. It attacked my breast tissue and the result was my implant... READ MORE

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