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Breast Implants and Scoliosis

I have severe scoliosis. I am a mother to 1. My breast are smaller than what they were before the birth and breastfeeding my child. They are diffrent... READ MORE

Can you use a heating pad on your back after Breast Augmentation?

I am 4 days post-op of submuscular silicone implants. I have had a great amount of upper back pain. I'm not sure if it is from the surgery itself, or... READ MORE

Sleeping after breast implants. How long will I have to sleep on my back? (Photo)

I am 4 days post op, 290 cc under muscle crease incision&feel great, took few pain meds first 24 hrs but now end up taking 1 before bed and 1 middle... READ MORE

My RBreast Swollen--19 years after Breast Augmentation? (Photo)

Felt incredibly sick, sever flu-like symptoms (popping joints, aching shoulders, chest pressure, popping middle of back), feel some better, now on... READ MORE

Why would I have tingling down my arms and back post BA?

I am three weeks post BA surgery. I had a gummy bear implant placed under the muscle three weeks ago. I am 5' 8'' 120 lbs and had a 290cc implant... READ MORE

Do my breast implants look normal after 4 months post op? (photo)

They dont feel that soft when i lie on my back. 4 months post op. Smooth round medium profile 260 cc on both sides. They feel normal and soft when i... READ MORE

Swelling from left breast, underarm all the way to my back. (Photos)

Hello .. I am 6 days post op. I f/u with my PS on 10/19. Over the past 2 days I've had severe swelling in my left breast all the way to my back. I... READ MORE

Is it safe to get breast implants with lipo to stomach, sides, and back?

I would like a mommy makeover but I was told that I couldn't combine both. READ MORE

Can I wear a back brace after my BA? (Photo)

I am 2 months post op and recently tried on a back brace that I wore pre augmentation. It still fits as far as the band goes. I am concerned that it... READ MORE

Is this lateral displacement? (Photos)

Is it severe? My pocket was dissected to fix my areola and center it. It's a little uncomfortable at times. I'm scared of it worsening. Should I... READ MORE

Until when can I sleep flat on my back?

I got a 425 cc on my left and a 375 on my right. I been out of surgery for 3 days now, until when can I sleep on my bed completely back on my back ? READ MORE

Breast augmentation, do my breasts look normal?

Hello I just got a breats augmentation 3 1/2 weeks ago and my left breats has dropped, fuller and more round compared to the right breast. The right... READ MORE

I fell and landed on my back. Could I have messed up my implant? They don't look and feel right and I'm so stressed. (Photos)

I didn't fall on my breast but my right side did hurt a lot and my breasts felt sore shortly after. Inscheduled to see my PS but I have been very... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend I do to make me a natural size & remove unwanted fat from my back, stomach & arms?

I am 28, African American woman, with no children (plan to one day). I am 5'3. And 180lbs from Boston, MA. I have always been a 32A, up until recently... READ MORE

Sooo itchy! Could I be allergic to my post-surgical bra?!

My breasts are itchy from the side boob, below the boob (near my incisions) and my back. All areas where my post-surgical bras hit.... I wasn't itchy... READ MORE

Why am I having tingling across my back and it feels like I have a rock sitting on my chest?

My implants are saline and 15 years old. They are hard and I have a constant burning tingling sensation on my right side and across my back. It also... READ MORE

I purchased a couple of bras for post op recovery. I just wanted to know if these were a good choice. (Photos)

No underwire, made of polyester, no lift. These bras, do however, clip in the back. I have been pretty comfortable with wearing them I just wanted to... READ MORE

One week post op, I got 385 cc silicone moderate plus .How long before they drop, and how can I speed up the process? (photos)

I was completely flat in the beginning it's been a week since I had my implants put in. I'm in so much pain my skin is stretching it's even pulling... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation over 2 years ago but I still have trouble sleeping due to them being uncomfortable, is this normal?

I had 300cc in one and 350 in the other due to a difference in size. They are uncomfortable both when I'm lying on my back and on my side. I had them... READ MORE

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