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Do You Lose 50 Cc's with Behind the Muscle Silicone Implant Placement?

I am getting silicone breast implants on Friday and am really scared of going too big. I am currently a "B"; I want to be a "C". I... READ MORE

Will 400cc Make a B-cup into a C or D Cup?

Im 5'4 110 pnds, 29, getting 400-430cc - will this make me large c small d currently 34b? breast fed 3 kids and doctor said i had slight suto sagging... READ MORE

How Much Cc is Needed to Achieve Full C Breasts?

I am 31 years old, 5'4 & 145 pounds. I have had 1 singleton pregnancy and twins; I breast fed all three. I wear a 36B, however, the B cup is not... READ MORE

Will 270 Cc Give Me a Full C Cup? I Am Currently a Small B, 5'8'' and 117 Lbs.

Hello! My surgeon suggested 270 cc implants for me (under the muscle), but I afraid that I chose too small. I keep hearing that most people wish they... READ MORE

I Have a B Cup Breast Size, is 350 Cc's Too Much for Breast Implants?

I want to get breast implants but I dont want to go too large and then risk sagging later and need for a breast lift when I am older. If I am a b cup... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between 325cc VS 350cc Breast Implants?

I'm 5'5" 140lbs toned currently B cup breastfed 2 children looking to go to C cup. Finding it difficult to choose between 325 & 350, (difference... READ MORE

What Do 339cc and 350cc Silicone Implants Equal to in Breast Cup Size?

I am 5'10 and 115pounds. Currently a small B and want a small to mid C. What cup size would equal a 339cc? What cup size would equal a 350cc? READ MORE

What is the best way to pay for breast implants with no credit? (Photo)

I'm 20 years old, I have two part time jobs. I want to get implants asap. How much money should I save up before I set up consultation? And is there... READ MORE

Will 400cc Implants Give Me a Full C or Small D Cup?

I am 5'9", 39 yrs old, and roughly about 165-170 lbs. Have never had children. My bust size is 36 small B. I have been considering breast... READ MORE

I Am a 34B and Want to Be a Full C Cup. My Surgeon Says I Only Need Implants (Saline 450cc); Do I Need a Lift Too? (photo)

I am 5'8, 130 pounds and wear a 34 B. I want my breasts to be a full C. My plastic surgeon insists that I only need implants (saline 450cc), do I... READ MORE

18 Year Old Girl Considering Breast Implants?

5'6" & 120lbs. Broad shoulders,no hips, long legs/arms & slim. I am 2/3 asian, 1/3 black. First bra was AA in grade 8 w/under wire. 4... READ MORE

I Do Not Want to Add Much Size, I Want Round "At Attention" Breasts Like Andriana Lima

I am currently a B cup but I hate the tear drop shape I was born with and want a much rounder shape with more projection but I dont want much more... READ MORE

I Am Currently a 32b and Want to Go Up to a Full C Cup Will 275cc Work?

I am 5'3 108lbs and 20 years old at my first consultation one surgeon told me that 275cc will get me to a full C cup and then another surgeon... READ MORE

Can I change my breast implant size day of surgery?

My surgery is on June 19th. I've already had all my consultations and I'm having saline put on. I'm 5'7, 130 pounds in good shape. I have a small,... READ MORE

286 Cc Moderate or 325cc High Profile for My Frame?

Height: 5ft 7inches Weight: 125 pounds Breast: 32/34B cup, 11.6 cm diameter Desired look: Medium to large C cup. I am very active and do not want... READ MORE

5'1 and 115 lbs very curvery figure -What Size Implant Should I Get?

I am 5'1 and 115 lbs very curvery figure and am considering breast implants. I am just wondering what size implants would look good on me i do not... READ MORE

245cc Anatomical Mentor Silicone Implants Good? Reviews?

Went with my surgeon. He suggested 245cc anatomical Mentor implants is that too much? Are those good? I'm a small B cup. Would that allow me to have a... READ MORE

What cup size will an 345cc implant get me? (photos)

In a few weeks i am getting my breast augmentation. I am not so sure about the size I've chosen, I'm afraid it will be too big. Currently I am a small... READ MORE

What Kind of Breast Implant Do You Think Would Work Best? (photo)

I am wanting to get a breast lift as well as implants to make my breasts a natural looking C cup. I have had two children who I breast fed. Previously... READ MORE

Help with Determining the Cc's to Achieve C Cup from a B Cup

I am 5'11, 135 pounds and I'm looking into a breast augmentation. I'm currently a B cup, and want to be a C cup. Can you help me with... READ MORE

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