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Should I Go for 350cc or 375cc Round Moderate Plus Implants?

I'm a fitness competitor and carry a good bit of muscle. Should I go with 350cc or 375cc round moderate plus silicone implants? I want to be a good C,... READ MORE

Althlete with Anatomical Implants - Did I Choose the Wrong Style?

Stats 5'2, 110 lbs CGP Anatomical 345 implant I am a crossfit trainer and play year around sports, in addition to dance class. I did a great... READ MORE

I'm a Runner and Lift Weights, Which is Better Subglandular or Submuscular? I Keep Seeing Mixed Answers.

I'm a Runner and Lift Weights, Which is Better Subglandular or Submuscular? I Keep Seeing Mixed Answers. READ MORE

How Will my Breast Implants Affect my Lifestyle?

I'm very athletic so I'm concerned w/ unders affecting my lifestyle. My PS plans to go subfascially. Now I'm worried I'll get a shelf look. SO, I'm... READ MORE

Will my Athletic Ability As a D1 Athlete Be Affected if I Get Breast Implants?

I am a Division 1 swimmer on scholarship at my university. I have wanted implants for many years. I have a thin, athletic build with AA to small A cup... READ MORE

Avid Ironman distance Triathlete 5'7- 150lbs, athletic build wanting breast augmentation.

I've been concerned about the effects of the placement and size of breast implants. Most surgeons I've been to support the idea of subpectoral. My... READ MORE

Silicone moderate plus implants smooth under muscle for athlete? (photo)

I am planning on getting silicone moderate plus implants smooth under the muscle. I do weight training. I am not planning on doing any pec exercises.... READ MORE

I'm an Athlete, What Type of Breast Implants Do You Recommend?

I am muscular and an athlete. I am 5'4,153 lbs & a size 36B. I once had nice perky C's. Then after a body building show and a baby (i got... READ MORE

Textured vs. Smooth Silicone for an athlete? (Photos)

I'm a 32-years-old athlete at 5'8", 150 pounds and have never had children. I've been an athlete all my life. I have a surgeon and surgery is... READ MORE

I am looking at 500, 550 or 580 CC for a large chest but not ridiculous on my body. Currently, an A cup, want to be about DD. (P

5 foot 5 inches. Getting textured tear drop shape. Thicker hips, want my chest to match my bottom half in curvyness. 140lbs but athletic, probably 22%... READ MORE

Deflated athlete need help determine what type of breast Implant would be best for me. (Photos)

33 yo 5'7 Indian mom of 3, all breastfed x 1yr. Very active lifestyle. Deflated- perky B to AA. minimal body fat, none in chest. I'd like a very... READ MORE

I'm an athlete: is below the muscle the best choice?

I play a softball where I throw a ball and dive and slide on the ground with my arms outstretched. Will going behind the muscle mess me up? My PS says... READ MORE

Petite boned athlete looking for the right size to balance my physique. 300-385 cc on the table? (Photo)

I'm just under 5"7 (129#) with small bones and 30-32 inch band size and my natural breasts are pretty narrow, though I do have somewhat broader... READ MORE

Happy athletes out there with their breast implants? 5'3" 112 lbs planning on 275 cc Mod Plus (Photo)

I'm a super active mama of 3 toddlers, (deflated after nursing our twins) I compete in triathlons and love crossfit, etc!!! I'm planning on under the... READ MORE

What kind of incision is most suitable for a professional athlete (basketball)? (Photo)

I am deciding between axillary and inframammary incision with either submuscular or dual plane placement. Which one heels faster and damages less the... READ MORE

Tuberous breasts: I am considering a breast shape-size correction. Implants over the muscle for an athlete? (Phtoo)

There is also little breast tissue. I am concerned about their shape . I have a very athletic and large-built physique as I am a weightlifter. I am... READ MORE

What risks are associated with a sub-pectoral implant placement in patients who lift weights regularly (e.g. bench press)?

I recently had a consultation with a surgeon who told me I was a good candidate for both sub-pectoral and subglandular placement of implants. However,... READ MORE

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