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5 weeks post lift and augmentation, 550 cc saline and 570 cc. Skin is lifting off the breast bone. Will this improve? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post breast lift/augmentation/nipple reduction. 550 cc saline in right breast and 570 in left. skin is lifting off breast bone. i am not... READ MORE

For parenchymal maldistribution breasts, can I achieve rounded, perkier breasts with just implants or do I need a lift? (Photo)

My nipples aren't centered, sit too low, point to the ground, creating a "droopy snoopy" triangular appearance. When my nipples are erect, my breasts... READ MORE

How Many CC Will Make These Sad Boobs Happy with out a Lift?

I know immediate answer is Lift them , But if I was to just want to go large and get the lift in say 5-10 years what size CC would fill them up? I am... READ MORE

Is there any other solution besides Implants

I'm a 19 yr old girl,for as long as i can remember i have been unhappy with my breasts. it is my biggest insecurity.My breast are quite uneven to... READ MORE

Really worried that I am going TOO big. (Photo)

I am having surgery in 4 days. I am 26, 5'6", 120 lbs with a 30 inch chest. I have breastfed two children and went from a 34B to a 34DD then deflated... READ MORE

White Head Looking Thing on Areola? (photo)

I had Breast implants and an areola reduction 2 weeks ago and today I noticed something that looks like a white head on my areola. Your input on what... READ MORE

Small Area Under Breast? (photo

I'm wondering if I will not have any double bubble problems because the part under my areola is too small. Also my areola seems to big, is it going to... READ MORE

Areola Reduction (Periarealor Lift)and Silicone Implants or Just Implants? (photo)

Im 5 4" and weigh 130lbs. i want to get a breast augmentation but had 2 diff doctors give me different suggestions. one suggested a periareolar lift... READ MORE

Best options for tubular (I think) breasts with large areola and flat, low nipples? (Photo)

I'm really unhappy with the appearance of my breasts when my nipples are not erect. When my nipples are hard I actually like how they look, but my... READ MORE

Nipple piercing after boob job and areola reduction?

How long after and can I get nipple peircing after I get implants/areola reduction/and maybe a lift. And best way to reduce infections when done. READ MORE

Areola Reduction with a BA?

I was just wondering if I can have an areola reduction during a breast augmentation? I do not need a lift as my breasts are small and there is no... READ MORE

Can I get just implants? What grade of ptosis do I have? (Photo)

I want to get 700-700cc implants to fill up my breast.with areola reduction. I do not want a lift. I'm currently 38dd but would like to be a f/g. READ MORE

Should I do an Areola Reduction along with Breast Implants? (photos)

I have a mild case of tubular breast according to several doctors and I am wondering if I should do an areola reduction for optimal results? I do not... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breasts? I'm considering implants to correct them - would I need a lift too? Also, areola reduction? (Photo)

Hello I am a 21 year old woman who is concerned about the shape of my breasts. Are they just saggy or do I have tuberous breasts? I've been thinking... READ MORE

Treatment for tubular breasts & puffy nipples? (Photo)

I have what I believe to be tubular breasts. I really don't like the shape, or the look of my nipples. Would breast implants and a Areola reduction be... READ MORE

10 days post op will my cleavage get bigger? Will they spread out as they drop and when the swelling goes down? (photo)

I am 10 days post breast augmentation, over the muscle, 270cc gummy bear implants. I also had areola reduction. The nurse said there is still swelling... READ MORE

Nurse dismissed my concern of left implant pocket at 2 weeks. Looking for another opinion. I'm almost 4 weeks out. (Photo)

Was deflated a cup prior. 421cc silicone gel under muscle. I'm right handed, but left has been more painful from the beginning, and I feel that's the... READ MORE

Breast implant & areola reduction without lift? (photos)

I'm 27 years old, and after breastfeeding 3 children my breasts are deflated and my areola's have significantly increased in size. I'm looking to get... READ MORE

Implants and Areola Reduction; what would you suggest to achieve a natural look? (photos)

I am 25 years old, 174cm height and 63kg's. I am getting a Breast augmentation + Areola reduction in a couple of months. I want to 'fill' my breast up... READ MORE

What size fits my frame? Will an areola reduction be necessary? Do I need a lift? (Photo)

Cup size does not matter as long as I get the size that works with my frame, I want a natural look with cleavage! I am 5"0 and between 100-105lbs. I... READ MORE

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