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Breast Implants to Lift Slightly Sagging Breasts?

Will breast implants improve my slightly sagging breasts without a lift or will I need a lift as well? My chest lacks volume (I have lost alot of... READ MORE

I Had Breast Implants over a Year Ago I Have Servere Pain in my Nipples and Areola

I had breast implants over a year ago now i have servere pain in my nipples abd areola its been a year should i be worried or concerend? READ MORE

Breast Implant / Uplift Gone Wrong

I had a breast uplift/implant 6 weeks ago.on my left breast the whole of the areola has come away from my nipple.its leaving a big hole all the way... READ MORE

I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. How to Avoid Breast Implant Extrusion?

Hello doctors, I am planning to have a re-operation due to a couple of problems. I have very thin skin, and currently I can feel a 'knuckle' (the edge... READ MORE

Can I Take the Steri Strips off Around the Areola Now?

I had a lollipop lift after explants 3 weeks and 2 days ago. The steri strips underneath the breast have mostly peeled off but the ones around the... READ MORE

Periareolar Scar and Areoal Very Wide

I had periareolar lift and implants done approx 5 months ago. My areolas are now huge, they are twice the size they were before the procedure. My scar... READ MORE

Is Good Implants Outcome More Difficult for Differently Sized and Shaped Breasts?

I'm severely disproportionate with different areola sizes also and am worried that a breast augmentation will still make me look odd even with a... READ MORE

Breast augmentation through periareolar

Hello I've been thinking of getting silicone implants and have visited 3 cosmetic surgeons so far and all of them had different opnions, so i am... READ MORE

Can areolas be more symmetrical?

I had breast augmentation in December and had a lift on my left breast (which sagged significantly more than the other) done at the same time. My... READ MORE

How Much Will Breast Implants Plus an Areola Reduction Cost?

Hi so i want to fix asymmetry in my boobs by getting two implants (one being bigger than the other of course) and also an areola reduction. How much... READ MORE

Will Breast Implants Even out Different-sized Areolas?

I have one areola that is bigger than the other. Will this even out once I get breast implants? READ MORE

Breast Implant Using Same Areola Incision for Breast Lift?

I am assuming, I will need a Breast Lift + Breast Implant. If the incision used for lift is thru' the areola incision, is it possible this same... READ MORE

How Can I Fix my Uneven Breasts and Areolas? (photo)

I am looking to increase my breast size with implants. As you an see my left breast is slightly smaller than the right. The areola is also smaller,... READ MORE

Correction to Tubular Breasts Without Areola Reduction

If mild case of tubular breast, without need of a lift. I want implants (small, like 250 CC) and internal incisions to correct the tubular deformity,... READ MORE

34D Breasts Have Lost Volume - Could I Get Breast Implants and Avoid a Breast Lift?

I'm trying to avoid getting a breast lift that will leave a nasty scar. I also want to get an areola reduction since they have gotten bigger &... READ MORE

Saline Breast Implant Placement and Shape for Tubular Breasts?

I am a 20-year-old woman with a mild case of the "tubular" breast deformity. I have the large, puffy areola, but my breasts are not as... READ MORE

Blister on Nipple Two Days After Lift?

Hi, I had a lift with silicon implant two days ago. One of my nipples is 90% black. This morning I woke up to find a blister on it. My doc saw me the... READ MORE

How to Get Fake Perky Breasts?

I'm 5'6" 150/muscular body type. Got implants (450 mentor smooth round ) and am very unhappy. They are too far apart, droopy and my areolas are way... READ MORE

Will Breasts Even out and Will Areola Smooth out 7 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Hi im 7 weeks post breast implants and still not happy with the way they look right is higher and the areola is not round or flat it has a large dent... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Increase Breast Implant Size After Tuberous Complication?

I had Breast Augmentation 1 year ago, silicone under muscle. I also had small (A cup), tuberous breasts with large areolas. Now D cup. I would like... READ MORE

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