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Spitting suture, can it heal on its own?

I have a spitting suture, I won't b able to c my doc for another 20 days. At the vertical incision point, behind areola, 3 weeks after a anchor... READ MORE

PS out of state. Any NYC surgeons that can take a look just to make sure I'm healing properly? (Photo)

I've been using Google/realself for post op research. Sent my PS pics which I feel his nurses reviewed, not him. He's too busy to speak which bothers... READ MORE

Anchor Lift with Implants Gone Wrong?

Deflated to AA (B/F'ing), was anchor lift needed? I don't think they are much lifted. Wanted full not projected (full C) but I think they came... READ MORE

Breasts Very Uneven After Breast Lift with Implants

I had breast lift/implant surgery 2 wks ago. My left breast, anchor lift w/ 210cc saline, is much bigger than the right, lollipop lift with 300cc. I... READ MORE

Will an implant in the range of 400cc-475cc be a safe choice for behind the muscle with an anchor lift? (Photo)

My ps feels that in order for me to have a good result I should have at least a 450cc-475cc implant . I'm currently a saggy 36C and didn't really want... READ MORE

Anchor Lift/Augmentation Too Big?

I was a saggy 34DD before, and wanted to be a perky size 34DDD with a bit of a "fake"look. I'm 5'8 and 135 pounds. My surgeon recommended 400 mentor... READ MORE

5 months post op and wishing I'd went smaller (Photo)

I am going to go back to my doctor to find out what my options are but I am wishing I had gone a size or two smaller. I originally was going to get... READ MORE

No space between breasts webbed look. Any suggestions? (photos)

Will this change? I'm worried the pockets were maDE too close together. I'm 7 weeks post op had an anchor lift and replaced 500 silicone implants with... READ MORE

How many cc's would you say these are? (Photos)

Had my old implants taken out for new ones don't know the cc's was 13 years ago over the muscle.told ps wanted same size with an anchor lift he gave... READ MORE

Anchored to my ribs? (Photo)

I went in for my first check-up after surgery. My doctor said I was anchored to my ribs? What exactly dues that mean? How come? READ MORE

Post op saline implants, more fullness expected. Is a revision required? (Photos)

I had a breast lift and implant last July with 575 and 625cc saline implant with a full anchor lift but don't feel like I received the results I was... READ MORE

Surgeon told me I need a full anchor lift, as my skin is thin with not much elastin. Do I need a lift before implants? (Photo)

He told me my skin wouldn't be able to hold the implant without the lift. But what I am wondering is : can i get the implant now, then plant to get a... READ MORE

Is 650cc too large to stay if having a wedge/anchor lift?

I had a benelli w/ 650 cc hp 6 mo ago, now I have a lot if sagging and the dr is redoing the surgery. He's keeping me at 650 but doing a wedge/anchor... READ MORE

Will my breasts look saggy after they drop and fluff? (Photo)

I am 4 moth po anchor lift and almost 2 weeks po implants. I got 465cc saline overs I started as a full 34c and currently am a 34dd. I wanted to look... READ MORE

Do I have symmastia and bottoming out? What can be done to fix how close together the implants are? (Photo)

I got a full anchor lift with 375 high profile implants 9 weeks ago. My breasts are way too close together and I'm worried they are bottoming out. I... READ MORE

Can I go really big to avoid a lift? (Photos)

I'm so afraid of the anchor scar the pictures really scare me. i don't want the scar i don't want to be cut up. I'm trying to avoid that i was... READ MORE

339cc or 371cc? Lollipop or full anchor lift? 5'8, 155 active athletic gal :) Would like a full C/small D/ (Photos)

I am scheduled for a lollipop lift soon .. I am currently am a full b/ small C cup.. I would like to be as natural as possible. I'm very athletic and... READ MORE

Odd shaped after uplift and implants, does this look normal? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks po, I had an anchor lift with motiva, round moderate implants placed under the muscle. 375cc in my right and 335cc in my left due to a... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for implants post-weight loss, or do I need a lift as well? (Photos)

One doc says my breasts sit too low for for implants alone, and another says an implant will be sufficient to fill me out. I am in my 20s, 125 lbs and... READ MORE

I have spider veins one week post op. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 9 days post breast lift with anchor incision. I noticed yesterday some spider vein appearance around both nipples, might be slightly worse today.... READ MORE

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