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Anatomical or Round - Which Has Better, More Natural Movement?

Hello! I am a very petite 32AA and I want to achieve a C cup. Because of my fragile frame, many surgeons have suggested me to get silicon tear drop /... READ MORE

Rotated Anatomical Breast Implant?

Before surgery I did not have any asymmetry with my breasts. Right after surgery I noticed that my right breast sat much higher and was more swollen... READ MORE

Althlete with Anatomical Implants - Did I Choose the Wrong Style?

Stats 5'2, 110 lbs CGP Anatomical 345 implant I am a crossfit trainer and play year around sports, in addition to dance class. I did a great... READ MORE

Breast Implant Rotation

It seams both my left and right are rotating,iv had anatomic implants.My sergeon says i might have to have round ones,but will i have to pay for this?... READ MORE

Do Anatomical High Profile Silicone Implants Look Larger with Same Cc Volume As Round Implants? (photo)

I am 5'4',105lbs,28inc ribcage and was a 32A preop. During preop we agreed on 320cc,did not discuss other details of implant as I left this to... READ MORE

Did I pick an implant too small? (Photo)

I wanted to remain small and the sizers of the 270g that the doctor recommended seemed huge. I wanted to be a B but now 3 weeks post op when swelling... READ MORE

Should I get the Natrelle 410 anatomical implants or regular round silicone?

I went to 3 consultations, and the PS whom I liked best recommended the Natrelle 410 implants. While I want the natural look, I've read so many... READ MORE

Do anatomical implants look bigger compared with rounds despite being the same cc size?

As an atomical implant has the fuller part at the bottom will it give a bigger cup size than a round of the same cc size? As a round one is fuller at... READ MORE

What size cup will I end up with 255cc anatomical implant?

I have been to 2 consultations and I am really confused about size. I have been told that I have an 11 cm base to play with and this means I have been... READ MORE

What would be the result of Natrelle 410 anatomical implants on me? (photo)

It is decision time regards sizing. I have spoken with my PS but I wanted some other views. 37yrs, 34AA bra, 5'8", BWD 13cm, 130 lbs, ribcage 29" Want... READ MORE

How can I help my breasts to drop and fluff? I heard you're not supposed to massage textured implants, so what can I do? (Photo)

I've got anatomical textured 240cc implants under the muscle and my one side already got way smother and dropped a bit but the other one is still... READ MORE

245cc Anatomical Mentor Silicone Implants Good? Reviews?

Went with my surgeon. He suggested 245cc anatomical Mentor implants is that too much? Are those good? I'm a small B cup. Would that allow me to have a... READ MORE

What cup size will an 345cc implant get me? (photos)

In a few weeks i am getting my breast augmentation. I am not so sure about the size I've chosen, I'm afraid it will be too big. Currently I am a small... READ MORE

Which Implant Should I Choose? Anatomical or Round?

I will have a breast implant operation.I have chosen my surgeon,but I am not sure which implant is best.I play tennis twice or three times a week.if I... READ MORE

Is my breast implant bottoming out? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op. My one breast (the right one) is sitting a bit lower than the other. The PS told me that my breasts will never be perfectly... READ MORE

Anatomical or Round implants for thin women, or those without much breast tissue?

I have slightly deflated b cup breasts due to weight gain/loss. I also have a "long chest". My surgeon said I couldn't consider getting round implants... READ MORE

I have swelling on my sternum 3 week post op. Is it normal and is it going to subside, or is it symmastia? (Photo)

I had BA done 23 days ago . i had tubular breast , i went for 365 cc anatomical silicon gel silimed , i am not happy with my result it looks weird to... READ MORE

All the PS's I've Seen Suggest That I Should Get an Anatomical Implant Between 410-450cc, but Im Skeptical? (photo)

I'm 29, about 5'9" & I weight 150 lbs. My bra size is 80B I want to be 80C/D, my breasts sag & are hollow on top. I currently reside in Sofia,... READ MORE

Anatomical implants for saggy breasts or lift? (photos)

After giving birth to two beautiful daughters and breastfeeding one of them for 6 months (mostly expressed milk with a breast pomp) an another for 9... READ MORE

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