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Do Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

At you can see lots of breast enhancement creams and pills for sale. So, i figured if amazon carries them, they must have some benefit.... READ MORE

Breast Enhancement Options

I am not sure i should get breast implants.  it scares me to get plastic surgery.  i want to know: what are the non-surgical ways to enhance... READ MORE

Fat Grafting with Stem Cells vs. Breast Implants

After much research into both silicone/saline implants,I just wasn't comfortable with the complication rate of either,namely within five years of... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Enlarge Breasts Through Natural Herbs and Massage?

I am 17 years old, my breasts are an A cup and I want to have fuller breasts without surgery. I came across an ad that says you can increase your... READ MORE

Can Asymmetric Breasts Be Fixed Without Breast Implants?

I have asymmetric breasts and I was wondering what could be done about them. I know usually an Breast implant is used in the smaller breast but is... READ MORE

Can an Small Abscess Clear out on Its Own with Removing Implants?

I got breast implants 7 mos ago & have been diagnosed w/an abscess in my L breast.There's no fever,blood tests are healthy, culture sample... READ MORE

Undecided, Lift or Implants. Surgery in 3 Weeks, Opinions Please

Hello. I have my breast surgery scheduled in June, however, am still undecided which route I should take. Would 500cc saline implants be sufficent to... READ MORE

Can I Transfer Fat to my Breast

Mom of 2, 5'9 180 lbs.after being on steroids for 15months I've gained 40lbs .Recently lost 15lbs .It is so hard to loose the the weight ,even... READ MORE

Do I need breast implants or a breast lift or both? Do I have mild sagging breast? or serve? (Photo)

Hello, I'm considering Breast Implants without doing a Breast Lift. And wanted to know the alternatives/options for women with saggy breast that wish... READ MORE

What is This New 'Fuller' Filled Gel Implant That's on Trial in Canada for the Last 6m?

There's a new cohesive gel implant that I'm receiving in june 2011. Its only been on a trial basis go canada for 6months. The only difference... READ MORE

PS said I can't go over 397cc (possibly 421cc) due to risk of symmastia. Any alternatives? Incredibly disappointed. (Photo)

I saw the PS that I heard great reviews about and he is definitely awesome! But he said because my breasts are so close, I can't go over 397cc... READ MORE

Without Sientra on the US market, which implants have lowest rate of CC?

I had really liked what I had read and heard about Sientra textured implants - especially the 2 year warranty for CC. Also I liked that I hear their... READ MORE

What causes this & is there an alternative to having the implant removed? (photos)

PS said CC, but when he went to fix it was a seroma. Now it's back & he says I may have to take the implant out for 6mo... What causes this & is... READ MORE

Alternative to textured cohesive gel teardrop 250cc breast augmentation - petite and constricted less than A cup.

Hi, 1st consult this week: constriction upper area + width only 11cms. Lacking on breast tissue. My only option being a 225cc or 250cc teardrop... READ MORE

Any alternatives to Vallium to relax muscles after breast augmentation?

I am 10 days post breast augmentation, my implants are sitting high, I feel really tight, like engorgement, gets painfull, my shoulder blades aches... READ MORE

What other breast implant is most like Sientra Round Textured?

In light of issues with Sientra implants I am researching alternatives. I understand Mentor and Allergan are the only other U.S. alternatives, but... READ MORE

Alternative to breast implants?

I had implants 12 years ago and one of them are deflating and causing a little pain I don't want implants again as I'm 58 what is the alternative READ MORE

What alternatives do I have if two of my breast augmentations developed capsular contracture?

My Dr. put cilecone implants under my muscle. I was wrapped for a week then I wore a sports bra after that and started breast exercised twice a day,... READ MORE

Alternative to breast silicone in Australia or Singapore?

Hello, I'm 26 years female and I'm looking to breast lift and a bit if breast size increase. My bra size is B 34. I want an implement or a surgery or... READ MORE

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