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Afraid to Ask my Doctor Questions Related to Post-op Breast Surgery

I saw PS last Monday which was my four week mark. When I told him I was concerned about the right breast and that it is not dropping, he only looked... READ MORE

Breast Implants Too Low After Wearing Strap

I had Breast implants about 2-3 months ago. I was told that I needed to use the strap around my chest. I think I used it too tight and too low. Now I... READ MORE

Avoiding Raised Up Look After Breast Implants; Should I Wear a Band?

Hello! I had 225cc saline moderate profile done by a PS specialist practicing for 40 years in Asia. I am VERY pleased with the natural results. He... READ MORE

Best And/or Necessary Post Op Procedures (Implant Displacement & Sports/compression Bra)?

My PS advised me to wear the sports bra for 6 wks and hasn't discussed implant displacement exercises. Does the sports bra or displacement... READ MORE

Is it safe to travel to have breast augmentation?

I see lots o women on here who have traveled for plastic surgery. How do you get after care if there's a problem after Surgery follow ups etc... I've... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Capsular Contracture?

I haven't had surgery yet and keep putting off due to the worry of capsular contracture it seems to be the most common risk after a breast... READ MORE

What causes some breast implants to look fake while some others look very natural?

From the patient's perspective, a boob job seems like a simple/straightforward surgery. But I see such drastic differences in quality between surgeons... READ MORE

Aftercare for trans-axillary incision? What to expect?

How do you care for the incision after surgery? Keeping it dry, deodorant/no deodorant, shaving, keeping it clean? I will be sure to clarify with my... READ MORE

Bilateral 385cc gummy bear implants - when will they settle?

Hey all! I'm (almost) 4 weeks postop and I was wondering how long it takes for the breasts to settle? And if lifting (I'm an ER nurse and do a lot of... READ MORE

Aftercare for textured implants?

I was under the impression I was getting smooth surface implants so have done all my research on them but I've realized I have textured. How do I take... READ MORE

My surgeon told me to go without a bra if possible and to roll a towel and lay on the top each day. What do you think? (photo)

What do you think about this? I had my surgery 7 days ago and had my first post op appt today. For the first week I was in a surgical bra. I was not... READ MORE

Is the new asymmetry of my breasts a botched surgery or just how I was born?

Hello! I've had surgery about 3 or 4 months ago now. And have become very self conscious about the outcome as the implants sit at different heights. I... READ MORE

Suture cyst/abscess aftercare. What should I do? (Photo)

Under my incision was a large inflamed sensitive area which eventually the skin thinned over it, opened up, and drained a lot of brown liquid. It... READ MORE

Breast surgery Thailand. Need stitches removed in Calgary!

Getting my breasts done in Bangkok hospital, but I have to fly home a week after surgery so I don't have time to remove stitches after my follow up.... READ MORE

How to care for implants after surgery? I had my breast augmentation 10 months ago. 350cc silicone under the muscle.

Lately I am noticing what I would describe as some tightness in one breast.It doesn't feel hard or look like it's moved at all but if I push my breast... READ MORE

How long after surgery can I take care of myself and my children without help?

I will have help the first 4 days after surgery. Then the fifth day, my husband goes back to work and I have two small children, ages 7 months and 3... READ MORE

Will I need someone taking care of me at all times for the first few days?

I'll be going under the muscle. Haven't had children so my muscles are tight. My boyfriend will be with me all day the first day but the second and... READ MORE

Good candidate for capsulorraphy? (Photos)

I had my BA on June 20th 2016, and have been following aftercare strictly. I noticed yesterday that my implants disappear into my armpits when I lay... READ MORE

2 weeks post op. I have pain and my left breast is harder. There is some bruising. My right breast has healed fine. (Photo)

2 weeks post op. Immediately after surgery my left breast was very sore. Now two weeks later it is much harder then my right breast. My right breast... READ MORE

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