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Whats the Big Difference Between Silicone and Memory Gel? is It Just a Brand Name?

I'm 5ft 9". Lost a lot of weight, about 85 lbs. I want a tummy tuck breast lift with an implant. I wear a 34saggyb. I will do at least three consults.... READ MORE

NOT Aesthetically Speaking, How Are Extra Large Implants Undesireable or Even Dangerous?

I finally find a doctor who does xl implants. I've had very large F cup breasts my whole life until I lost weight, I am now a D cup, and I want F or... READ MORE

Will 280cc Be Too Small? (photo)

I am 5'9, 146 pounds. have had a weight loss of 90lbs over the past 3 years. I have lost significant volume. My surgeon says based on my frame, the... READ MORE

Breast Implants of Patient with Preexisting Autoimmune Disorders?

I understand that the purported link between breast implants and subsequent autoimmune disorders has been generally refuted. However, what (if any)... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift or Only Implants? (photo)

I was overweight when I was younger and have lost 55lbs since. My breasts were never large to begin with and at this point have lost even more volume... READ MORE

Lift Vs. No Lift? (photo)

Doctors have told me I can have just a lift. OR just implants because the "sag" isn't advanced and they think the implant will fill out the lost... READ MORE

Is weight loss the reason for my breast implant rippling?

I had 450cc saline 3 years ago (375 overfilled to 450) and at that time I was 105 pounds and 5f2. I went through a pregnancy last year and since a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation, or is a Breast Lift with Implants Needed? (photo)

I delivered my son in July of 2011, and after recovering I hit the gym and lost 50+ Lbs. Losing that much weight as made me feel amazing, but I am... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 170lbs what CC's should I get to be a large D cup? (photo)

I have lost about 60lbs and although I know i'm still over weight I'm comfortable with myself the way I am now; so I am wanting to get breast implants... READ MORE

Do I Just Have a Lift or Replace my Current Implants? (photo)

I had augmentation in August of '05 and I went from 34AA to 34D. I have gone up as far as 36DDD down to 36C. I have lost between 30-50 lbs and my... READ MORE

Considering Cohesive Gel Implants?

I had a breast reduction in 1999 from 36DD to 32B and I do not have any kids. My breast seem to sag from losing weight and I want my fullness back. My... READ MORE

Gyno Removal As Teen, Now Wanting Breasts?

I'm a 32 year old genetic male. I was 320 pounds at 16 and thru diet and exercise dropped to 170 by the age of 19. I still had man boobs and had... READ MORE

Is it better to have breast implants over or under the muscle for females who weightlift?

I compete in powerlifting (squat, benchpress, deadlift) and am considering breast implants. I'm about a 34A right now, 5'8" and 140lb, but I was... READ MORE

Breast Augmenation for 4'11, 120lbs?

Hi, I am 4"11 and always had Large Breast. I use a 36c-36d bra. I had gained 20 extra pounds and recently lost those 20 pounds I am at 120 and still... READ MORE

Subfascial Breast implants? What size? (photo)

I have seen the horrors of submuscular placement and want to avoid contraction of the implant. I also don't want to do subglandular because I'm afraid... READ MORE

Should I Consider Surgery to Improve the Look of my Bust?

I have recently lost two and a half stone and lost two cup sizes. I have been checked by dr and have no health problems. But my bust has gone from 32j... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Surgeon to Give Me Implants Without the Lift on Droopy 34Ds?

I am 19 and due to losing 4stone over four months have very saggy pendular 34D's. I don't mind the shape and loved them when they were bigger so do... READ MORE

Too High! 2.5 Months Post Op Submuscular 325cc Implants w/ Lift? (photo)

I am now 2 1/2 months post op after sub muscular 325cc implants and lift after a 9 1/2 stone weight loses and my surgeon has recommended massage,... READ MORE

How big will 450cc's get me? (photo)

I'm currently a 34DD, but I feel like I'm 90% skin since I've lost 70 lbs. I have an augmentation/lift scheduled for February 6th and the PS suggested... READ MORE

Will larger high profile implants raise my nipple at all, and is high profile a good choice for me? (Photo)

I'm 5'6.5", 145lb and current have 300 ccs / 380 ccs (originally corrected size difference prior to weight loss) moderate profile saline implants. I... READ MORE

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