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Can I Go on Theme Park Rides After Getting Breast Implants?

Is It Ok to Ride Disneys  Mission Space After Getting Breast Implants? READ MORE

How Soon Can I Ride my Street Bike Motorcycle After Breast Implant Surgery?

How soon can i ride my street bike, specifically stunt ride? It does require pushing and pulling not as much as a push-up but more comparable to... READ MORE

7 Years Post Op (Breast Implants) and I'm Just Starting to Experience a Sharp Pain on One Side?

I am 34 years old and I am very healthy and active. I had saline implants put in 7 years ago and have never had a problem until now. In the last week... READ MORE

What is the usual recovery time after breast implants and when can you resume physical labor?

I will be moving in February and when I now my job will be to ride young horses. I really would like to get my breasts done before I go but I was... READ MORE

How long until I can push a stroller or vacuum after under muscle Breast Augmentation?

Curious how long after surgery until it's safe (or not painful) to push a stroller or vacuum cleaner? I am going with silicone UHP 500+\-cc dual plane... READ MORE

Will hot yoga affect my breast implants?

I have been doing hot yoga for about a week now & it involves some activity such as lifting out of the chest & reaching forward/upward, lying down on... READ MORE

Is this normal dropping or did I over exert? Right breast much softer and heavy (Photo)

Is this the normal dropping process? There is a bulge at bottom of my right breast and I have been probably more active than I should have been. Have... READ MORE

Can I Continue to Be Physically Active with a Ruptured Implant?

I am a massage therapist, and don't know whether or not to stop working til the implant can be repaired? READ MORE

Best implants for "obstacle race" runner?

I am 5'9", 135 lbs, and currently small, deflated B.  My shoulders are average (not narrow or overly broad) and I am scheduled for surgery in 2... READ MORE

Is it just impossible to have breast implant surgery with a toddler and a baby in my home? Feeling sad it won't happen.

I see now that I should've gotten them before kids so recovery time would've been much easier. My kids come first, but I would love to have BA this... READ MORE

Disneyland approx two months after BA - safe or not?

I'm hoping to have BA surgery scheduled for 9/4 (Under the muscle). To have the holiday to recover. My husband & I have a trip planned for Disney Oct... READ MORE

Are subglandular implants a bad idea? Should I get 325 cc high profile placed subglandularly or submuscularly? (photos)

My plastic surgeon is considered the best in my city. However, I am confused by his recommendations. He said that he thinks I could get an equally... READ MORE

Physical Activity for a medical professional after a Breast Augmentation?

Newly registered nurse, I only have 2 weeks to recover at home after a breast augmentation. I am considering a re-do, as one of my saline implants has... READ MORE

"Rapid recovery" breast augmentation? (Photo)

Hi! I am moving closer and closer to my final surgery decision. I've picked out high profile 500 (or maybe 550) cc implants. My main concern is that I... READ MORE

What is the best implant for an active fit lifestyle? (photos)

We are a very active family and I am concerned about the rupture of an implant with this lifestyle. We are competitive sports players and lake people... READ MORE

Is going jet skiing 4 months after breast augmentation ok?

I went jet skiing today I didn't fall or anything just jumped a few waves I did feel my implants move up and down like if I was running but nothing... READ MORE

Do certain types of activity that put pressure on breasts increase the risk of rotation in anatomical implants?

I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a martial art that has similarities to judo, grappling, & submission wrestling. This means I have a lot of direct... READ MORE

What is the best size Breast Implant to fit my body and lifestyle? (photos)

I choose 450cc's at my consultation but I'm worried they will be too big. I'm 5'10" tall and weight about 165lbs. My chest measures 35" under the... READ MORE

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