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Surgeon in US Who Uses More Than 800cc Silicone Implants?

Is there a surgeon in the United States that can and will use a silicone breast implants larger than 800cc? READ MORE

Do You Agree With My Choice For 800cc High Profile Under Muscle Saline Implants?(photo)

So surgery is a week away and I just wanted a second opinion. Ps and I agreed on 800cc HP under the muscle Saline. I really don't want upper pole... READ MORE

Can a 800cc saline Implant Be Overfilled to 1200-1500cc to Have a Rounder Shape?

Can a 800cc moderate plus saline implant be overfilled to at least 1200-1500cc for a more round and very firm look ? READ MORE

Should I go with 625cc textured gel implants under or 800cc silicone over the muscle? (photo)

I like the look of XL implants. Many people will describe it as the porn star look. The cosmetic surgeon said 800 cc overs will give me the look I... READ MORE

Going 6000cc. I have been told this will require expanders. Can it be done with 800cc saline implants overfilled? (photo)

I have large natural breasts with a 22.5cm BWD and 6' in height. I have been to consultations with two different great surgeons, and they both say it... READ MORE

800cc Breast Implants with Breast Lift for Patient with Slight Ptosis?

I am getting 800cc Breast implants. I have some ptosis, Grade I or II. Is it possible to get Breast augmentation then Breast lift (if needed).... READ MORE

800cc Silicone Implants After Double Matectomy - Implants Look Like Mounds, Not Natural or Cleavage. What Can I Do?

I have always had big Boobs and cleavage .i found out i had cancer. Praise God im cancer free !Had a full double mastectomy But i just had my silicone... READ MORE

Uhp 800cc or Mp 800cc Which One Should I Go with?

Which one is best for me? mp 800cc or uhp 800cc height: 5'3 weight:150 bra size: 36 B READ MORE

How Invasive is It to Down Size Existing Breast Implants?

I had breast augmentation on 3/12. I got a large size of 825 cc!!! I'm a 5'10' woman weight 175lbs. I feel that they are too large and they make look... READ MORE

I Have Breast Implants and Woke Up Last Night with a Very Sharp Pain in One of Them, What Could Have Cause That?

I have breast implants and woke up last night with a very sharp pain in one of them. It felt like a knife going through me! After about a minute of... READ MORE

Can this still be just swelling or am I developing symmastia?

I'm 5'10", 135lbs, wide frame. i recently switched implants from 500cc hp silicone to 800cc mod+ saline implants filled to 800cc left and 960cc right,... READ MORE

800cc Moderate Plus Too Big for a 34 Band Size?

My band size is 34 and my plastic surgeon gave me 800 cc moderate + which i think i way to wide for me i never even got asked what i wanted ! so is... READ MORE

In Two Consultations I've Received Differing Recommendations For Implant Profile, Why?

I have seen 2 PS's and have chose to go with one I really felt comfortable with. Both ps's measured my bwd a 14 one PS recommended me going... READ MORE

Do you think I could achieve a look like this? Could my body fit a large implant like this as I am wanting 600-800cc? (Photo)

I am having my surgery on Feb 18th. These are the looks I would LOVE to have. I am getting saline implants and was suggested to be done through the... READ MORE

Lose Weight Before Breast Implant Revision?

I have gained 80 lbs since having my 800 cc breast implants. Back then I was a double D. I just want them removed until I lose weight and then will... READ MORE

Breast Area is 15.1 Cm - Will 800CC Fit Me?

I am 5'6 155 34c large frame woman . I have had 3 kids all were breast fed. I am 45 years old . my breast are still perky and nipple s turn up. READ MORE

Why don't my implants look like 800cc ultra high profile implants? Why are they cone shape? (Photo)

I just got out of surgery and the shape of my boob didn't change they are still very cony but my nipples did move to the middle.but why r my boobs... READ MORE

Can I get beautiful breast without a lift ? (Photo)

I have sagging due to a large amount of weight loss. Of course I know if I don't do a lift they won't look all porn star perky lol but I'm trying to... READ MORE

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