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Breast Implant Reduction Vs Exchange for Slim Frame?

I am 20 years old 5'7", 114lbs., 29in rib cage, and very slim. I made the mistake of not doing research and ended up with 360cc's putting me at a... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Happen a Very Lilttle of Double Bubble After a Breast Implants Surgery for a Week? (photo)

I had my breast implants done a week ago! Its was 275cc each sides under muscle via armpit, and some bruises still haven't gone yet! but i've found... READ MORE

Can I Receive Breast Implants While Being Overweight?

I am 5'10 and weigh about 260. I was recently diagnosed with hypothroidism. My question is would I still be a canadite for breast implants? If so... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Drop Too Low or Change Shape if I Leave my Surgical Bra off for a Couple of Hours?

I had my breast augmentation a week ago and had 290ml saline implants placed above the muscle. I was given a surgical strap however after seeing that... READ MORE

Can Implant Size Be Doubled?

In December I went through the removal of tissue expanders and having the implants put in. I recieved a lat flap on one side and. They inserted 550cc... READ MORE

Is around 275cc mod+ big enough to cover the crease incisions? (Photo)

Hello Doctors, I am 5'4, 100lbs , bwd 12cm, 2 kids, thin breast tissue and lack of elasticity in the skin. Seriously considering around 275CC... READ MORE

7 months post-op; breasts are too big. 275cc Saline implants to restore roundness. Used to be a 34D now I am a 34DD (Photos)

Also right nipple is still numb - so are the undersides of both breasts. The scar is still swollen especially around right nipple. Also right nipple... READ MORE

I have 7 different medication, what drug can I eliminates?

I had 285cc both breast under muscle inframamary. During the op was bleeding quite severe. Got drainage for 4days. Now on the 5th day still swelling... READ MORE

Having overs won't give great results? (Photo)

Am 3 days post breast left with implants over the muscle and I love them. My surgeon decided in over the muscle as I had very good tissue and I want... READ MORE

I am 51 yrs old, 36 A, 165 lbs. I want implants without anyone knowing due to job. Is 250cc to 275cc the right cc's for me?

I am getting implants on February 9. I am looking for a subtle change, only 1 cup size. I want to be a full 36b, I'm not looking for a lot of... READ MORE

Alternative to textured cohesive gel teardrop 250cc breast augmentation - petite and constricted less than A cup.

Hi, 1st consult this week: constriction upper area + width only 11cms. Lacking on breast tissue. My only option being a 225cc or 250cc teardrop... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and pregnancy. 24, 48kg and 163cm A cup (Photo)

Told 295 textured round gel implants, full projection with sub pectoral position insertion in lower breast fold. thinking about a 320. are effects of... READ MORE

When can I expect my new breasts to not feel so tight, swollen and high? (Photo)

Had my BA done yesterday, February 15, 265 cc in both, moderate plus profile, over the muscle. I was pretty straight with my doctor and not wanting to... READ MORE

I am 5'2, 112 lbs, and I am having surgery on 5-21-17. What size implants? (photo)

The doctor gave me 3 choices for my desired look; 275,300, or 325? READ MORE

I am having a hard time deciding if I want over or under the muscle implants. What are the down sides to over the muscle?

I am 5'11 and 260. I very tall and broad and decided on going with 800 cc saline. I told my PS I want over the muscle bc of the less natural look and... READ MORE

I need help choosing my implant size. Round 275cc or gummy bears 350? (Photo)

I have by BA scheduled for july 20.But i still havent decided the implants size. Im 5' 5", and 116 lb.My doctor recomended 275cc mentor round moderate... READ MORE

Can you please tell me if my implant is bottoming out? (Photos)

Hi on Jan 9 I went to Bangkok for an breast aug., lift & implants. I have 300cc in my left & 270cc HP silicone implants. From very early, I... READ MORE

3 days post-op breasts seem too far apart, do they look normal? (Photo)

3 days post opp 285cc over muscule they look very far apart will they get closer as time goes on or will they always be wide set? READ MORE

Will my current breast tissue make my boobs look natural after 265cc implants? (Photo)

I'm unsure of what to expect my new breasts to look like. I hope that they will just ve much the same with a bit of a boost but worry thst somehow I... READ MORE

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